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  • The difference between == and equals() when used in java.lang.String for Java

    For students who would usually be taught C as their first programming language, a shift to Java could quickly make a confusion as they are crossing the boundaries between procedural and Object Oriented Programming. Both operators can be used in Java, in fact the second one is not called an operator but...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 04-15-2010
    Filed under: Java, Java Basic Tutorials
  • A New Agenda

    Alright. So aside for some video tutorials I agreed to make with Keith, I decided to pickup some beginner, intermidate, or advanced questions I could find in any tech/programming forums and post the solution back here. Well, I'm getting a bit rusty after all... I'll be focusing mainly, still...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 04-15-2010
    Filed under: Java, PHP, Technology
  • Java Desktop 3D API's

    I'm looking into going back to game development this year and I'm really keen on learning java 3D and I've scouted for a few Java 3d API that I could possibly use. Java3D JOGL LWGL JMonkey jPCT Xith3D Ardor3D I can't make any recommendations since I haven't used any of them. My brother...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 03-08-2010
    Filed under: Java, Game Development, 3D
  • Singapore hiring for Software/IT Professionals

    Our clients are large Investment Banks with established offshore IT delivery centres in SINGAPORE. All open positions are regular/permanent with competitive compensation and benefits packages (including full relocation benefits for applicants outside of Singapore). Successful applicants will commence...
    Posted to Jobs by suzanne.wong on 12-11-2009
  • Urgent Requirements in Singapore for Permanent Position

    a) Experienced C# Developers * with 4 years solid experience in C# or ASP.NET development * with SQL Server / stored-procs skills b) Experienced J2EE Developers * with 5 years solid experience in Java programming * extensive experience in J2EE frameworks c) Experienced C++ Developers * with 4 years solid...
    Posted to Jobs by onin on 11-06-2009
  • How I solved java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError

    I was trying out HSQLDB to run SQL scripts with ANT last night when I encountered java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError. Never encountered this in 3 years of coding. Recently, I tried to play safe and installed several JDK (and JRE) versions, and so it happened. Quick diagnostics: Run java -version...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 08-25-2009
    Filed under: Java, Ant, hsqldb
  • Setting the Decimal Separator in Java

    I was asked to solve a problem of parsing a float value in dutch format ( 9,6 instead of 9.6). The former would always parse as a whole number, 96 instead of 9.6 ). I read on the documentation from sun, and I saw that a method...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 07-29-2009
    Filed under: Java
  • Encrypting Passwords in Java Property Files

    Configuration is an essential part of every software development project. Among other things, we store sensitive information such as database, ftp and other credentials in these configuration files. This may not be an issue for a small company. But if you're working for a large bank, this becomes...
    Posted to jakelite by jakelite on 07-14-2009
    Filed under: Configuration, Templates, Java, Cryptography
  • RAD7 - FATAL ERRORS encountered by WSDL2Java tool.

    I was encountering the error below everytime I tried to invoke a WS client in RAD7. I was calling the WS through a console application using a generated client stub. Deployment error: FATAL ERRORS encountered by WSDL2Java tool. at
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 02-12-2009
    Filed under: Java, XML and Webservices, Eclipse, RAD7
  • Java / J2EE Developers urgently needed!

    kindly submit your resume asap to: company: US Company, located in Makati possible ONSHORE (US Clients) assignments to qualified people
    Posted to Jobs by eWinKs on 03-06-2008
  • looking for ITs willing to work for Singapore

    hi my name is danil espinosa from ZMG were a headhunting firm and right now were looking for IT professionals interested to work in Singapore. were looking for java developers, Perl developers, tester, release engineers (java) and application support analyst for our client base in Singapore. if anyone...
    Posted to Jobs by danil08 on 02-05-2008
  • Senior Software Engineer for Lawson Budget & Planning

    Responsibilities: Provides technical expertise to the application development, product maintenance, and customer support organizations. May provide technical expertise for pre-sales support of customers on implementation and operational issues. May be given complex assignments of larger scope. Designs...
    Posted to Jobs by mon17 on 01-03-2008
  • Java and .Net Books for Sale

    Hi All, I'm selling the following new books: .Net Bundle (3.5k) Accelerated C# 2008 (Accelerated) Beginning ASP .NET 2.0 E-Commerce in C# 2005: From Novice to Professional SCEA Bundle ( 3.3k) Sun Certified Enterprise Architecture for J2EE Technology (Used - Good Condition) UML Distilled (3rd Ed)...
    Posted to The Lounge by sasm on 12-20-2007
  • Careers at LAWSON PSSC

    For all the guys and girls out there who are interested in joining Lawson PSSC, you can email me your CVs (my email ad is monica.lacuna @ ). Currently, there are NUMEROUS new positions open. If you have any background in developing or supporting ERP modules / web-based applications, there...
    Posted to General Discussion by mon17 on 12-11-2007
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