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  • Urgent Requirements in Singapore for Permanent Position

    a) Experienced C# Developers * with 4 years solid experience in C# or ASP.NET development * with SQL Server / stored-procs skills b) Experienced J2EE Developers * with 5 years solid experience in Java programming * extensive experience in J2EE frameworks c) Experienced C++ Developers * with 4 years solid...
    Posted to Jobs by onin on 11-06-2009
  • Great Job Opportunities for NET Developers

    Dear Candidate, I would like to invite all members of and call their attention to the following: From time to time we will be requiring .NET developers. One of our clients, a Sydney-based Software Development house is initially in need of six (6) experienced .NET developers. They are in...
    Posted to Jobs by cristan on 01-11-2009
  • Re: .NET WPF is using DirectX automatically?

    Thank's for that link sir cvega, about WPF interop with DX, tho, it's using deprecated MDX which XNA replace it by now, I think the sample code there is still using NET. 2.0. Heh, so this is the Avalon thingy ;)) I guess, I'll have to take that word from David Weller, Ah, yes, I'm familiar...
    Posted to .NET by DexterZ++ on 10-09-2008
  • .NET WPF is using DirectX automatically?

    Has anyone tried .NET 3.5 and Visual studio 2008, is it true that WPF "Windows Presentation Foundation" are using the DirectX automatically as it's main rendering core?if that's true, it's the best alternative to windows form and at the same time can be use as grapical user interface...
    Posted to .NET by DexterZ++ on 10-08-2008
  • Junior and Senior Software Developers (C++) for our Offshore team (Canadian Telco)

    As a top IT outsourcing company in the Philippines, we are backed by a multi-billion dollar, multi-national Canadian telecommunications giant.We serve an impressive list of international clients. And we have a career for you. We believe in spirited teamwork, respect in workplace, career growth and, of...
    Posted to Jobs by ingenium on 09-22-2008
  • Help with CVSNT...

    Guys, CVSNT ito yung Code Versioning System na free i am having a hard time setting up wincvs and connecting it to cvsnt lagi nalang may error. i read the manuals but it doesnt help a lot because some of its instruction eh pang linux... windows 2003 R2 and server ko. here are the lines: cvs -d :pserver;username...
    Posted to .NET by wenry on 07-29-2008
  • looking for ITs willing to work for Singapore

    hi my name is danil espinosa from ZMG were a headhunting firm and right now were looking for IT professionals interested to work in Singapore. were looking for java developers, Perl developers, tester, release engineers (java) and application support analyst for our client base in Singapore. if anyone...
    Posted to Jobs by danil08 on 02-05-2008
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