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  • Hiatus and Reflections

    So I've left one hanging promise at least fall off my radar -- a manual vtable based implementation of the concept-based polymorphism implementation. As you all have known for a while now I've been working at Google Australia for two years now and part of the work involves some really interesting...
    Posted to mikhailberis on 05-03-2013
    Filed under: thoughts, insights
  • Value Semantics and Polymorphism

    Lately I've been interested in formalising the notion of value semantics for one reason or another. I've been in email conversations with other people who have been interested in making value semantics and value-oriented programming the norm in C++. There's a great debate to be had on whether...
    Posted to mikhailberis on 10-30-2012
    Filed under: thoughts, generic programming
  • Musings: Design and Computation

    I have a personal theory that the fundamental source of bugs in most software is the impedance mismatch between the notion of design and computation. We as software engineers are torn pulled in usually two seemingly different dimensions -- that of elegance in design (of systems, of interfaces, and of...
    Posted to mikhailberis on 10-02-2012
    Filed under: thoughts, c++11
  • C++11 -- The Time is Now

    All the compiler vendors are racing to get C++11 features supported. There's currently a C++ "arms race" that's only benefitting users and the community at large. I don't currently have the time to survey the various language features and library implementations available out there...
    Posted to mikhailberis on 09-14-2012
    Filed under: thoughts, c++11
  • New C++ Standard, New Focus

    Now that the new version of C++, C++11 is out in the wild as an ISO C++ Standard, there’s a renewed focus on getting applications, tools, and books up to date with the new standard. The leaders of the ISO Committee have weighed in on the latest versions of the language. There’s Herb Sutter...
    Posted to mikhailberis on 10-31-2011
    Filed under: thoughts, community, c++0x, Uncategorized, cpp-netlib
  • Minus the Header-Only Dogma

    I’ve been working on the C++ Network Library for a few years already total but have been on-and-off with it until recently. One of the first decisions that I made in implementing the library was to try and do a header-only approach to implementing a network library implementation. At first it made...
    Posted to mikhailberis on 08-25-2011
    Filed under: thoughts, community, insights, cpp-netlib
  • What You’ve Missed With C++: 2011 So Far

    The past few months have been a jam-packed with a few developments in terms of C++. Not only did C++0x get the almost unanimous nod of the industry to be good enough to be called C++11 but there’s also a few stories that have come out that need some attention too. There was the Google [...]
    Posted to mikhailberis on 07-05-2011
    Filed under: thoughts, insights, roundup
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