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  • tabbed browsing in IE using Yahoo toolbar

    when MS introduced tabbed browsing in the buggy IE 7 Beta Release , i was curious and it was not bad.i was already a firefox fanatic and even tried opera ( got dissapointed on some points ) . how about IE 6. well yahoo heard the plea and yes introduced...
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  • Fat32 on linux

    file systems.....they always say that you could have the best of WinXP if your using NTFS. i believe them but not until i fell for linux..ryt now i have a dual boot pc. for the partition i kept 2 ntfs , 1 ext3 and the rest fat32. i did it for easy sharing...
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  • lame on LINUX

    im a music addict, my hardrive is infested with mp3s. for a year now ive been using EAC for ripping CDs to wav and lame (an open source mp3 encoder) to convert wav to mp3. it is always a good rip with these two , giving me even the option to encode mp3s...
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  • setting the CommandTimeout in TableAdapters

    i have the habit to use table adapters on my projects , the problem is when it tries to execute long queries it times out. to solve the problem ,i have to add a new method to its class definition after googling and reading msdn here is my solution //add...
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  • hello world !

    in just about any programming class that i have gone into , hello world is always the first code that we try. thus , hello world! to open up things for me and before going to some tech stuff that i may share ,i need to reinitialize ME. im marvin a budding...
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