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  • double quote and @ keys are switched in visual studio

    i noticed yesterday that my double quote key is switched with the @ key in visual studio. i tried it in notepad and it seems to be working. i'm glad i found a helpful post in the msdn forums this morning on how to fix this and it turns out that i have two language settings installed, US and UK, i...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 08-08-2006
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  • Visual Studio Tip #5 - Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

    the development machine of my teammate is pretty messed up so i assumed that the hooking up of visual studio ide events on his machine is not working. one of the features i love with visual studio is when it automatically highlights the currently active code sheet in the solution explorer and this feature...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 07-31-2006
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  • referencing gac assemblies will result to broken build

    i was creating this excel workbook reader module so i referenced the excel com interop assembly which resulted in a failing build in our build server minutes after i commit. the problem is because the said assembly is in my machine's global assembly cache, however, it is not existing in the build server...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 07-27-2006
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  • problematic ankh

    i have encountered a lot of errors using ankh to checkin my changes with subversion for the past week. it's just that there are few updates on the development of ankh and tortoisesvn is more reliable. although i admit, it's a little tedious going to explorer just to use tortoise to checkin the changes...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 07-19-2006
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  • Visual Studio Web Setup Project

    I am currently reading Chapter 8 - Project Deployment of Pro Visual Studio .NET . It was the first time i noticed that there are a number of editors for the Setup project of Visual Studio (File System, Registry, File Types, User Interface, Custom Actions and Lauch Conditions). My primary concern is if...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 07-17-2006
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  • Visual Studio 2003 hate list

    here are some list of the behaviors that i hate with Visual Studio 2003. I hope most of them are fixed with the 2005 version. Crashing while attempting to attach to a process i started experiencing this back in my previous company and once in a while i experience it, until now i haven't got any clue...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-27-2006
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  • visual studio font

    i have used ronald weigelt 's theme for visual studio eversince i started using visual studio .NET. he is the developer behind the smart commenter ghostdoc addin. customizing the font, background, etc. of the IDE was a craze in my first company and i don't want to waste my time configuring mine so i...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-06-2006
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  • Resharper 2.0 released

    Jetbrains has just released Resharper 2.0, i just upgraded this morning and i was surprised that the find usage return results from the aspx/ascx files. still more things to evaluate about since i didn't try their beta release.
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-24-2006
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  • IDE hangs when trying to debug js file

    i am about to include a client side behavior in one of my usercontrols when i was hit by this roadblock. i'm the type of guy who couldn't move on without solving these annoying roadblocks, but this time, i had to... i am trying to debug this .js file configured as content for the web application and...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-09-2006
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  • vs 2003 bug with embedded resources

    an officemate of mine got this problem wherein he had specified already the mapping xml files for nhibernate but when he tries to debug it, it was not able to load the said mapping files. turns out he found a bug in vs 2003 that i should have found out months ago. visual studio 2003 does not detect changes...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 03-28-2006
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  • Server Explorer

    I wanted to browse the tables of a Microsoft Access mdb file but unluckily, i just have the standard edition of Microsoft Office on my machine (which obviously does not have Microsoft Access). Obviously it's not a problem for me, since I have Visual Studio installed. I just need to create a new data...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 03-21-2006
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  • power alt

    power alt is the term i use in doing this: just hold that ALT key while you do your mouse select i usually do this when removing those tab characters from VS when copying code to a forum or a blog post.
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 03-05-2006
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  • VS useful shortcuts

    was reading some of my .NET feeds when i bumped into Roy's post on VS shortcuts Press Ctrl-X or Ctrl-C in a line where you have *no selection* - and you'll automatically copy or cut the entire current line. Save lots of time and pain, and just isn't well known. (why did i not know about that!) http:...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 02-21-2006
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  • adding gac assemblies to add reference assembly listing

    i am currently exploring log4net and how to use it to my newly assigned project. i downloaded the source code and i needed to install it in the gac so i can easily reference it in my projects. i tried to rebuild the source and had some problem with strong naming. couldn't figure out what the problem...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 02-08-2006
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  • VS 2005 and SQL 2005 Standard Editions

    I just got my copies. Thanks keith!
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 01-26-2006
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