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  • DotNet Division Bug?

    Here's an interesting exercise for the day. In Visual Studio 2005/2008, 1. Create a new Console Application. 2. Put in the following code in Main: double x = 5.15; double y = x / 100; Console.WriteLine("y = " + y); 3. Put a breakpoint at the Console.Writeline(..). 4. Press F5 to debug the...
    Posted to alexrazon by alexrazon on 07-15-2009
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  • Free .Net Obfuscator

    I've stumbled upon a free .Net obfuscator --Eazfuscator.NET. So far, it works well for my purposes. Most obfuscators are costly--ranging from $200 to $2000! But this one is freeware and it works better than the free one bundled with Visual Studio 2005. It is free and easy to use!
    Posted to alexrazon by Alexis' Blog on 04-08-2008
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  • Printing PDF Using WebBrowser Control in .Net 2.0

    Okay, after almost a year and an offshore assignment, I finally had a chance to update this blog. I was developing a .Net 2.0 C# windows application wherein I basically have to print PDF files from a Windows application. I tried to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX object embedded in my form to preview...
    Posted to alexrazon by Alexis' Blog on 04-08-2008
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  • VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 Beta 2 Released

    So for those of you aching to try the new partial methods feature this is your chance. You can access it here . Scott Guthrie has a post about the features and an installation note to prevent your older ajax applications from having a dependency on the ajax binaries that come with beta...
    Posted to jakelite by jakelite on 07-26-2007
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  • Resharper 3.0 Beta is out

    Jetbrains has just released their beta version of Resharper 3.0, download it here . Again, VB.NET guys out there, you should try Resharper since it now supports your language. Resharper 3.0 will now come into three versions (C#, VB and Full edition). I will be upgrading my copy to just the C# version...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-30-2007
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