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  • Portland Meeting: Oct. 15-19, 2012

    It's just a few weeks away and the ISO C++ Committee will be meeting again this time in Portland, Oregon. If you're interested in the agenda, you can find it from the official Post-Kona Mailing ( N3373 ). Just like the previous meeting the committee will continue to discuss defect reports, new...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 09-19-2012
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  • Post-Kona Mailing and More Libraries

    Beach, laptop, flip-flops, and C++. Kona, Hawai'i. It took a while for me to get to writing up my experiences on the first ever ISO C++ Committee meeting that I attended in Kona, Hawai'i. There are around 70 attendees and I'm one of the few first timers to the meeting. What happens when you...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 03-06-2012
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  • C++0x Is Official: Unanimously

    Herb Sutter, one of the rock stars of the C++ development world has posted his thoughts and shares with the world that C++0x has been approved unanimously as an International Standard. From his post: The final ISO ballot on C++0x closed on Wednesday, and we just received the results: Unanimous approval...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 08-13-2011
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  • cpp-netlib 0.9.1 Released!

    Today marks another important day in my calendar as I’m proud to announce the general availability of cpp-netlib 0.9.1. You can now download the source packages from the Github download page. If you want to see what’s new you can head on to the online documentation page for what’s new...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 08-04-2011
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  • Offline Weekend

    This is just a quick one to say that I spent an offline weekend, and would like to apologize to those waiting for the weekly roundup. I’ll get to that tomorrow, having just dealt with the backlog and started work on a project with a new client. I’ll get back into the writing mode and [.....
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-06-2010
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  • cpp-netlib: Demolition Day

    Yesterday I wrote about some of the things I’m trying to do to reduce the compile times of cpp-netlib — at least in the tests. Today was mostly demolition day for me. This means today I spent most of my time tearing big things (tests) down into smaller pieces. This also allows me to isolate...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-02-2010
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  • Call Day

    Today I pretty much spent most of it taking phone calls and responding to correspondence. I also took some time to have a good afternoon with my wife and daughter. Things have been moving on many fronts and unfortunately I didn’t spend enough time to write about the Generic Programming I do in...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 11-26-2010
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  • The C++ Network Library v0.8 Out Now!

    The C++ Network Library team is proud to announce the availability of version 0.8 of the library after one whole week of getting feedback on the Beta version. The library is being maintained by Dean Michael Berris the project founder (and author of this blog) and is being supported by the C++ Network...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 11-21-2010
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  • The cpp-netlib 0.8-beta is out now!

    Yesterday I packaged and released for general availability the beta of the impending cpp-netlib 0.8 release. I decided to package a beta version to gather feedback from current and potential users about the features to be made available in the upcoming release, so that additions and enhancements can...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 11-16-2010
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  • The cpp-netlib 0.7 Release

    If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I am the author and one of the maintainers of the cpp-netlib project. The cpp-netlib project aims to develop a header-only, modern C++, standards-compliant implementation of the popular higher level networking protocols like HTTP, XMPP, SMTP, and...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 10-17-2010
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  • Memcache++ Version 0.12.1 and Beyond

    After a bit of spare time yesterday updating the documentation for another open source project, I went ahead and finished the porting of Memcache++’s response parser to use Boost.Spirit 2.4 (which comes with Boost 1.44.0). The result is then a more efficient parser which should help with increasing...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 10-08-2010
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  • BoostCon 2010 Trip Update

    Now I’m back in the Philippines and an update has been long overdue. The week of May 9-14 was spent with much enthusiasm and enjoyment meeting with and getting to know the other names in the Boost C++ Library developers mailing list. The community is alive, well, and growing — lots of first...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 05-23-2010
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  • Long Open Source Weekend

    Here in the Philippines it’s the beginning of the holy week. I’m now looking at a lot of things to do to catch up with the backlog of things that I’ve got lined up. I’m sharing the list of things I’ll be working on and doing this weekend just so that I have a public [.....
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 03-31-2010
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  • Random Updates

    For most of the later part of January and almost the whole of February I’ve been pre-occupied with some of my consulting work. There were some huge news that I wanted to share but didn’t find the time to share with the world through my blog. Here’s a quick run-down of the things that...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 02-25-2010
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  • Updating the Look and Feel, More Content Coming

    I’m now back from an extended holiday break and am getting back on the more active blogging course. My previous engagement with a full-time client has ended and I now have more time to concentrate on three things that I absolutely love and am passionate about. My Family — with my daughter...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-27-2009
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