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    I'm not really fond of browser based text editors - especially the one used in here in devpinoy. I still write my posts using my favorite editor - gvim , and then paste them over to the blog software. That is sufficient if you are only writing plain text all the time. What if you wanted to have code...
    Posted to Jop's Work by jop on 11-23-2008
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  • Free Coding Assistance Add-in for Visual Studio 2008 from DevExpress

    I just love the guys from DevExpress ! First, they gave away a free version of Refactor! for VB.NET , ASP.NET and C++ . Next, they gave away their .NET components for FREE and I mean really FREE! And now they are treating us with CodeRush Xpress ! " CodeRush Xpress is freely available to all Visual...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 11-07-2008
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  • One Great Tool For Us

    I was absent yesterday because I was sick then I thought of formatting my Mobile Computer, after installing all the softwares I needed I figured out that I forgot one important thing. I forgot to save my bookmarks which always saves me minutes of browsing, when ever I stumble upon a problem which I forgot...
    Posted to Humprey Evangelista Cogay by Comgen on 09-29-2008
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  • CopySourceAsHTML for VS2008

    For a tech blogger who wants to show off a lot of codes , the gruesome process of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V may not be of big help . Why? Because your blog may not be WYSIWYG and the pasted code just mess up your post . Then came CopySourceAsHTML for Visual Studio developers . Sleek and handy , just copy the...
    Posted to M3X Interface by trashVin on 04-12-2008
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  • VS.NET: Reference EXE assemblies

    Nice! Visual Studio 2005 now allows Class Library projects (DLL) to reference Applications (EXE). On Visual Studio 2003, EXE projects are not listed on the Add Reference dialog. The .NET framework does not put any restrictions on what you can reference. I think the IDE programmers thought they're...
    Posted to Jop's Work by jop on 06-20-2007
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  • Analyze your code with NDepend

    I first heard about NDepend months ago from Scott Hanselman through one of his podcast . I had the chance to evaluate a professional edition of the tool so here are my insights. Here is a screenshot of one of our current projects loaded in NDepend. NDepend's CQL (Code Query Language) is the first...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-06-2007
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  • Resharper 3.0 Beta is out

    Jetbrains has just released their beta version of Resharper 3.0, download it here . Again, VB.NET guys out there, you should try Resharper since it now supports your language. Resharper 3.0 will now come into three versions (C#, VB and Full edition). I will be upgrading my copy to just the C# version...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-30-2007
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  • Hex

    Open a file on Binary Editor using Visual Studio's Command Window > File.OpenFile myfile.dat /editor:"Binary Editor"
    Posted to Jop's Work by jop on 05-30-2007
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  • Muscle Memory

    Eight years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the world of Unix (you know who you are -- thank you). After mastering the finger ballet that is emacs , I then discovered the wonders of modal text editing in VI . Those are the first *real* programmer editors that I've used. The power of Emacs...
    Posted to Jop's Work by jop on 05-29-2007
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  • Logged

    Notepad has this cool feature that I never seen anyone ever use. When you create a file and place the text .LOG on the first line, Notepad will take that as log file. Everytime you open that file in Notepad, a new line will be appended containing the timestamp and the cursor will be placed under that...
    Posted to Jop's Work by jop on 05-29-2007
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  • project muni-muni

    we delivered the software with an hour to spare. software development projects just aren't as fun and exciting if you don't let murphy impose his law upon it. it has been said hundreds of times before, and yes i will say it again: PEOPLE, NOT TOOLS, MAKE GOOD SOFTWARE. and for this project i have been...
  • No logs produced when using NCover 1.3.3 with .NET 2.0

    NCover says that version 1.5.5 is broken for .NET 1.x , so i opted to use version 1.3.3 for our .NET 1.1 projects. When I became involved with a .NET 2.0 project, i was curious why there are no logs emmitted for CCNET to render. I'm using NCover to profile MbUnit console runner as it runs our tests and...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 02-04-2007
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  • Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

    There are times when you fiddle with an installer and when you attempt to unintall it, you can't since you are encountering some fatal errors. I once found a solution to this using msiexec command line but i found a utility from microsoft today which does the same things. More info about it here .
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 01-17-2007
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  • Sql Search Tool

    I have always been a Sql junkie. Analyzing data was one of the things that I enjoy alot... Sometimes this task also involves writing gargantuan scripts.. and that is where the problem starts. Finding what stored procedure or view that uses a specific table could give you a hard time since SQL server...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 10-19-2006
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  • Readable Regular Expressions

    Joshua Flanagan has just released library he calls " ReadableRegEx "(I preffer calling it ReadEx) which is basically library that envisions itself to create a more readable(friendlier) RegularExpression code wrapper. Here's a sample implementation that Joshua posted on his blog: Suppose we want to check...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 10-13-2006
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