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  • Visual Studio Tip #5 - Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

    the development machine of my teammate is pretty messed up so i assumed that the hooking up of visual studio ide events on his machine is not working. one of the features i love with visual studio is when it automatically highlights the currently active code sheet in the solution explorer and this feature...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 07-31-2006
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  • Resharper Tip: Move to Next/Previous method

    i haven't really abused the power of resharper and since i have been currently shifting most of my mouse activities with keyboard shortcuts, easy navigation on a particular code sheet is a requirement. i finally am using goto next/previous keyboard shortcuts of resharper to browse to the next method...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 07-27-2006
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  • null check for strings

    Strings are reference types and as such, they can have the value null . If you have a method which accepts a string as its parameter, would you check the parameter for null or empty string and throw an ArgumentException instance if you expect a valid string instance to be passed into it? If it's not...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 07-19-2006
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    lately, i have been switching from local storage to online. i shifted from rssbandit to bloglines for my blog reader and from browser bookmarking to . main reason is accessibiliy. is way better since you can tag a link to a number of categories. i have just imported my year old...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-27-2006
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  • word selection through double click (with extra space)

    double clicking almost anywhere selects the word where the curret is currently in. i used it a lot to add hyperlinks on blog posts and it's beginning to be a pain when it always select the space after the word. similar post here .
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-26-2006
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  • purging the email address cache of outlook

    it has been months that the autocomple feature of microsoft outlook has been plaguing me and this time, i have conquered it (sometimes, i am just lazy to google around). i edited some of my contact list and i wanted all my contact email to display their complete name with their email address in parenthesis...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-23-2006
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  • keyboard shortcuts

    Jon Galloway lists a compilation of keyboard shortcuts that will be helpful for keyboard lovers like me. You might as well check it out here . since i have been using firefox for months now, i haven't really dug in on how to optimize its usage using keyboard shortcuts, so i love the following: Alt-D...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-14-2006
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  • tech tips

    i have imported most of the tech tips on my first ever blog at msn spaces in here (under Tech Tips category) so my friends back in high school can subscribe to the said topics. don't forget to check them out if you haven't read them before.
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-13-2006
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  • window closing tip

    i was reading a blog entry from a sole MS Office blogger from my feed list Jensen Harris where i found out that double clicking the icon of the application in the upper left corner of the window is a shortcut to closing the app (i guess most are using the X button these days). i have used windows 3.1...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-09-2006
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  • visual studio font

    i have used ronald weigelt 's theme for visual studio eversince i started using visual studio .NET. he is the developer behind the smart commenter ghostdoc addin. customizing the font, background, etc. of the IDE was a craze in my first company and i don't want to waste my time configuring mine so i...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 06-06-2006
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  • ConditionalAttribute

    We were discussing earlier about making some of the unit tests excluded with pre-processor directives (those tests which interacts with an external system which takes time) when my officemate brought out the ConditionalAttribute class. Basically you apply it to a method with a string as parameter termed...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-26-2006
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  • Assert.Equal() vs Assert.IsTrue(obj1 == obj2)

    It was the first time that i used NUnit and i figured out this morning when i was revising some of the tests that in some of them, i was still using Assert.IsTrue(objExpected == objActual) istead of Assert.AreEqual(objExpected, objActual). Although the same constructs will yield the same results, using...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-24-2006
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  • George Shepherd's ASP.NET FAQ

    george shepherd's windows forms FAQ ( ) is my primary resource on everything about windows forms. i was surprised this afternoon that he also has an version of the FAQ.
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-23-2006
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  • CollectionView

    i am a fan of custom business objects so i usually have a strongly typed collection inheriting from CollectionBase. i had a requirement to sort the list so i googled and saw brendan tompkins' CollectionView class , which is similar to the DataView class of the System.Data namespace for filtering and...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-10-2006
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  • blogging and forum posting helps

    i found this post of scott mitchell wherein one of his blog post was corrected by one of its readers. similarly, i always try to post developer topics in msforums or even in this blog to have some discussions especially with the gurus. primary reason is that there may be some ideas which i have believed...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-10-2006
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