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  • MbUnit 2.4 RTM is out

    See the official announcement from Andy's blog here . You can download the bits here . Nudge to smash , try it and you'll love it.
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-24-2007
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  • insufficient test code coverage -> broken build

    i agree that incorporating code coverage criteria in your build scripts is very restrictive, but you have no choice if your team is just starting out doing tdd or writing plain automated unit tests. how can you force them to learn to write automated unit tests if you will not be pressuring them? without...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-24-2007
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  • NStub: Unit Test Generator For .NET Assemblies

    Man, oh Man, oh Man! Another timesaver to add in my development toolbox. Jerry Jarell has just released NStub which is a Unit Test Generator for .NET Assemblies and man it looks really promising. From the site: NStub is a unit test generator for .NET assemblies. You simply point NStub at the assembly...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 05-15-2007
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  • A Conceptual Concurrent Testing Framework for .Net Applications

    Technological advancements in micro-processors suggest an imminent paradigm shift in software development. The sudden shift from old architecture to a new breed of multi–core processors dictates the use of concurrency concepts to optimize performance and to get around synchronization abstractions like...
    Posted to jakelite by jakelite on 05-01-2007
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  • TDD in PHP presentation

    Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking about Test Driven Development in front of PHP developers. I had a bit of trouble at first with the projector not playing nice with my cheapo notebook. Too bad that we didn't have much time to cover necessary ground. :( As promised, here are the links to the...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 04-28-2007
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  • TDD is even more important when using dynamic languages

    I made that observation, while doing PHP TDD-style, in my previous post . In this interview with Dave Astels and Steven Baker , they also note that TDD is a necessity in dynamic languages such as Ruby. Let me quote: It (the compiler, in statically-typed languages) is, it's testing that you are passing...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 04-09-2007
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  • Test-First Demo: Developing a User Login Facility, part 1

    OK, so now it's time to "walk the talk." I'll be demo-ing here how to develop a user login facility test first -- how you can begin a test, then code your class to pass that test. Then we'll add one feature or behavior at a time until we completely fulfill the specifications or requirements. Hopefully...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 04-02-2007
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  • A test-first demo on the web

    While I was mulling over what to demo for test-first development here in this blog, I chanced upon this CodeProject article . What do you think about this? Actually the same problem was the one I demoed in my previous MSDN Connection events for Microsoft Philippines some months back. I've gotten tired...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 03-28-2007
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  • Persistence tests

    We have been using NHibernate for most of our apps here in our company and having persistence tests for each business object in your integration test suite in my opinion is definitely a must. My current project which has minimal number of tests, most of them are just persistence tests who were able to...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 03-14-2007
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  • PHP-GTK2 Testrunner for PHPUnit

    Startup Directly after starting, the GTK Testrunner looks like this: You should the use the "File" menu for either opening a single test suite or for searching your project for your test suite files, to load multiple of them. Open file The file open dialog allows you to select a PHP source code file...
    Posted to Garri by Garri on 02-20-2007
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  • TDD-CI environment work - definitely a plus

    We still have a job advertisement for a C# developer and one of the requirements is experience in agile software development using T est- D riven D evelopment and C ontinuous I ntegration setup. You can hardly find a .NET company in the Philippines which has this setup so I find it as a reward rather...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 02-07-2007
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  • working around a project with minimal unit tests

    coming from a project with number of unit tests in it (hundreds i believe), it's hard to work around our current project without it. we're near the release of the project and we still have 31 unit and integration test cases for the .NET client application. the count does not include my own set of unit...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 01-30-2007
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  • Static instances in PHP4

    If you've read my previous post s here, you'll notice that I advocate code testability and TDD. One of the key design concepts in achieving this is "inversion of control" or the dependency injection pattern . While I do mostly .NET stuff these days, I still dabble with PHP projects from time to time...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 01-18-2007
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  • Why tests should be made to fail first, then pass later

    Because it's better than having tests that pass first then fail later. No kidding. This is true. At first I couldn't understand why TDD evangelists would say that a test should start at "red" (or even fail to compile at all) before you put in code that will make the test pass or go "green." I mean, it...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 01-15-2007
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  • Saved by an automated test

    Last week, I was assigned to fix a bug in my first project in my current company. The said application was released months ago and is currently being used by our client. Initially, the fix was just to move a particular line of code just above a conditional statement. I am all set, ready to commit, but...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 12-08-2006
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