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  • SQL Server: Bit is not boolean

    Often we used BIT datatype for representing boolean values, but BIT is not the same as boolean as BIT represents values (1, 0 and NULL). Boolean represents values (True and False).
    Posted to Rodel E. Dagumampan by rdagumampan on 09-06-2006
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  • Creating Sudoku problems using TSQL

    When I'm bored at the office or home, I sleep. One rainy afternoon, when I can't find the bug on my application, I feel kinda bored but I don't want to sleep because my manager was pissed. So i went over to the next cubicle to chat with my sleepy officemate and found out that she was playing Sudoku ...
    Posted to clintz' blog by clintz on 09-05-2006
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  • Creating Dummy Data

    Testing is one of the "must" in software development process. Once, our client lost almost 14 million pesos in a month because of using an application that was developed in a hurry and tested only for 2 days. I feel sorry for them because i was the one who developed that application. I warned them though...
    Posted to clintz' blog by clintz on 08-30-2006
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  • List All SQL Servers using SQLDMO

    When I was still in college, one of my professors (Oracle) in PUP and one of the Systems Analyst of PUPILS asked to list all SQL Servers within LAN as part of their functionality in a system, to manually setup the server and save the settings in an INI file. He then introduced me to the SQLDMO. We're...
    Posted to MisterClay by MisterClay on 06-08-2006
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  • T-SQL: Practice to use semicolon (;)

    Yesterday, I was bugged by a syntax error that keeps on appearing on my stored procedure. This code seems to work fine , but it wont: .cf { font-family: Verdana; font-size: 8pt; color: black; background: white; border-top: windowtext 0pt solid; padding-top: 0pt; border-left: windowtext 0pt solid; padding...
    Posted to Rodel E. Dagumampan by rdagumampan on 06-01-2006
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  • Executing DTS Package in ASP .NET

    It’s been a very long instance since the last time I posted an article here in my blog for a lot of reasons most programmers can comprehend, and one is the busyness @ work, then doing some music-related stuffs, church activities, online game priority, etc. etc. etc. Well, I have decided to post the topic...
    Posted to MisterClay by MisterClay on 05-31-2006
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  • My database naming standard

    In our local developer forum a thread on sql standard naming convention was started so I believe its worth sharing my thoughs here. Tables _<applicationName>_<tableName> Example for database project named "efcodd" _efcodd_users _efcodd_user_status _efcodd_roles I am tired of using "tbl_"...
    Posted to Rodel E. Dagumampan by rdagumampan on 04-20-2006
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  • Light weight Db Server No More

    Previously I applied to take part in beta-testing Sql Server Express with Advanced Services from the SqlServer Express Team . They instead changed the testing to CTP instead of per invitation and I'm impressed with inclusion of Reporting Services in the CTP of Advanced Services, as this was previously...
    Posted to Bonski's Box by bonskijr on 03-19-2006
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  • Object Role Modeling (ORM)

    Recently I was given a copy of an enterprise database model, probobly 20-250 data tables at my estimate. The model was design by their architect and was given to their developers to take further review. What interest me here is that, it has 0 constraints, 0 relationships given. I discussed it with a...
    Posted to Rodel E. Dagumampan by rdagumampan on 03-08-2006
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  • What is trace flag 1400

    Trace flag 1400 is a startup parameter on Sql Server 2005 if you want to enable its Database Mirroring feature. By default this feature is disabled and was introduced for evaludation purposes only. Microsoft confers no warrantees and support on production databases that uses Database Mirroring because...
    Posted to Rodel E. Dagumampan by rdagumampan on 12-02-2005
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  • Sql Server UDF: convertToProperCase

    Just want to share this to you. This might be not so good or optimize in a DBA point of view but definetly helped me presenting db data to users especially when the labels of field on your web site was bounded to db and data are in All CAPS or the All LOWER case. CREATE FUNCTION udf_pretty(@inputString...
    Posted to Rodel E. Dagumampan by rdagumampan on 09-14-2005
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