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  • looping through an IP Address Range

    As a Security/Systems Administrator, one of my task is to scan for rouge devices, services and other status and/or information regarding our network. One of the major task is to know which hosts belongs to a specified IP Range for example to One of the best solutions and...
    Posted to Humprey Evangelista Cogay by Comgen on 04-11-2011
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  • Get the workstations Physical Address (MAC Address)

    I currently have a new project and as an additional security I want to get the workstations MAC address and store it in the Log.. Here's my solution which I based somewhere..... IPGlobalProperties NetworkProperties = IPGlobalProperties.GetIPGlobalProperties(); NetworkInterface[] NetworkInterfaceCards...
  • Unify Windows Forms and ASP.NET Providers for Credentials Management

    I have coded several Windows Applications using .Net for the bank for the past years and one of the ussual task is to create the Login Form. I have posted previously one of the solution I use in doing it ( Use Membership API in winForms) . Browsing for new things to do I found this link on MSDN which...
  • A mind-opening article

    From MSDN Magazine: Test Your Security IQ Most C/C++ developers should be able to spot all of the security bugs illustrated in the examples; C# coders would find this very informative.
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 10-28-2008
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  • Authentication using LDAP

    One of the requirements for our current application is to authenticate the users using their LDAP server. We were able to use it for authentication for our current setup. By the way, the NativeObject property of the DirectoryEntry class should be included in the API Hall of Shame of Brad Adams. It should...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 05-24-2006
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  • phishing with yahoo

    i got an IM from a friend this afternoon telling me of this site: (warning, don't supply your user/password) tried to access the site and saw the yahoo login page. immediately i realized that it was a phishing site. out of curiosity, i clicked the signin button...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 03-14-2006
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  • hidden keywords in action

    i was looking for a component/control development company in the Philippines (which i doubt that there exists) when i stumbled into this link: i tried to search for the Philippines keyword and guess where the browser sent...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 03-05-2006
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  • Gmail does not allow executable attachments

    i'm surprised to know just now that gmail does not allow compressed attachment files containing executables (sending and receiving). thumbs up for security, now i have to rename my installer files to a non-exe, :p...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 09-11-2005
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  • Disabling Internet Options in IE

    My friend owns this shop in Laguna whom I am trying to help to configure his workstations. Currently, all the users are using the Administrator account (yeah I know...) so there are spywares and viruses everywhere. Luckily, he hasn't experienced a major problem with his pc's. Although I am a developer...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 08-12-2005
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  • Bypassing CAPTCHA

    CAPTCHA(Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. You can see them when signing up a free web-based email and it is used as protection from spammers. It is interesting...
    Posted to jokiz by jokiz on 02-07-2005
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