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  • InvalidOperationException when accessing a web service

    We encountered a strange thing in our current project: there are times our client will bomb out with a web exception when a web service call is cancelled. We found it strange because we enclosed our web service call within a try-catch block, specifically looking for a WebException and testing if the...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 11-05-2007
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  • Weighing in on pipelined continuous integration (CI)

    This InfoQ link on pipelined CI got my attention because it was something that I can relate to. The project we're working on used to build on our CruiseControl.NET build server in only three minutes; now it's taking more than 18 minutes to complete. And it's a dual-core 2 GB machine at that...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 09-30-2007
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  • My journey (to the dark side) is now complete

    Just when you thought I've crossed over to the dark side , I guess it wasn't complete yet. This one takes it further. My peers in the office often express amazement at my Visual Studio color theme. Maybe they weren't born yet during DOS (those) days of green on black, or better yet yellow...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 08-06-2007
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  • WCF

    This week I had a Windows Communications Foundation training from Developmentor , sponsored by our company. I learned a lot about the new framework (dotnet 3.0) and communications. What interested me the most was the Day 4 topic which was Peer-to-peer applications. Although I might not be able to use...
    Posted to alexrazon by Alexis' Blog on 07-27-2007
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  • Predictable code

    In my early years of programming, performance was everything. These days, since I don't do system-level programming anymore, code maintainability is more important. Of course that doesn't mean to say that it's OK for my code to suck so many CPU cycles doing trivial things. It just means that...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 06-11-2007
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  • Test-First Demo: Developing a User Login Facility, part 1

    OK, so now it's time to "walk the talk." I'll be demo-ing here how to develop a user login facility test first -- how you can begin a test, then code your class to pass that test. Then we'll add one feature or behavior at a time until we completely fulfill the specifications or requirements. Hopefully...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 04-02-2007
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  • A test-first demo on the web

    While I was mulling over what to demo for test-first development here in this blog, I chanced upon this CodeProject article . What do you think about this? Actually the same problem was the one I demoed in my previous MSDN Connection events for Microsoft Philippines some months back. I've gotten tired...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 03-28-2007
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  • Introduction to C# and .NET Part 2 slides

    Download the slides in PowerPoint format , OpenDocument format or PDF . I still do not know what to expect for tomorrow's event. Hopefully the attendees will be able to learn fast and that I will be able to explain things clearly. These part 2 slides may be covered if we can get along well during the...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 02-02-2007
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  • Introduction to C# and .NET Part 1 slides

    Some of us from the TipidPC community will be holding a small hands-on seminar on C# and the .NET Framework this February 3, Saturday, at 9 am. Details can be found here if you are interested to attend. Download the slides here: PowerPoint format OpenDocument (OpenOffice Impress) format PDF (Adobe Acrobat...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 01-31-2007
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  • Continuous Integration rocks; AnkhSVN sucks

    I'm midway into my second week at my new employer, and I must say that continuous integration is great. Everyone is quickly in sync and there's immediate feedback that you don't get when you're not using CI. I must admit that since it's my first time to work with CruiseControl.NET , I was intimidated...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 01-10-2007
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  • Keeping code close to the data -- how I love refactoring

    I've been doing too much OOP that I've "forgotten" already what makes it different from procedural programming. It was funny when my up-and-coming employer asked me that question during my job interview. :) I kept on saying other things but eventually the interviewer told me that the answer he was waiting...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 12-07-2006
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  • ArrayList sorting via IComparable

    The problem: I have a two-dimensional object array. Each first level element of the array contains five object elements--except for the last one, which only has three. However, I have a procedure that needs to concatenate another array at the end of the original one. Since I need to put the unique three...
    Posted to alexrazon by Alexis' Blog on 11-27-2006
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  • Predicates in dotNet

    I've come across Predicates in dotNet 2.0. I felt so disgusted with too many foreach loops when looping through list collections. So, here was my problem: I have three string Lists, say, A, B and C. List string A is the reference list; while B and C contain elements found in A. By brute force method...
    Posted to alexrazon by Alexis' Blog on 11-19-2006
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  • Re: Introducing .NET Framework 3.0

    It is officially released. The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is the new managed code programming model for Windows®. It combines the power of the .NET Framework version 2.0 with new technologies for building applications that have visually compelling user experiences, seamless communication across technology...
    Posted to alexrazon by Alexis' Blog on 11-15-2006
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  • Compiler Error CS0030 with Ajax

    When using Ajax Pro, you have to add the runat="server" tag on the form to be used. In other words, you have to have at least one server-side form in the class whose type is to be registered as an Ajax class. Otherwise, you'll end up with a Compiler Error CS0030 Error Message Cannot convert...
    Posted to alexrazon by Alexis' Blog on 11-13-2006
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