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  • Clang > GCC

    Yes folks, if you’re on UNIX-like platforms (Mac, BSD, Linux) then you’re in luck: the clang project in its latest release (version 2.8) is now considered a production-ready compiler for C++. If you’re doing any sort of C++ template metaprogramming (like I do in the development of ...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 10-04-2010
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  • Lisp Macro Capability in C++?

    So one of the cool news items that came about in the Boost mailing list is the news that Boost.Phoenix’s version 3 ported to use Boost.Proto. Just quickly, Boost.Proto is a compile-time expression templates compilation/evaluation engine written in C++ to allow for creating domain-specific embedded...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 07-23-2010
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  • Python in C++

    Sometimes you want to be able to write applications in C++ and expose a way of easily extending it by offering a scripting interface embedded to your application. Why re-invent the wheel when you can embed existing programming languages like Python into your C++ application? This article covers how you...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 01-03-2010
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