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  • The cpp-netlib 0.7 Release

    If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I am the author and one of the maintainers of the cpp-netlib project. The cpp-netlib project aims to develop a header-only, modern C++, standards-compliant implementation of the popular higher level networking protocols like HTTP, XMPP, SMTP, and...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 10-17-2010
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  • Lisp Macro Capability in C++?

    So one of the cool news items that came about in the Boost mailing list is the news that Boost.Phoenix’s version 3 ported to use Boost.Proto. Just quickly, Boost.Proto is a compile-time expression templates compilation/evaluation engine written in C++ to allow for creating domain-specific embedded...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 07-23-2010
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  • The C++ Network Library Now on Github

    After a long couple of days working on some requirements of one of my consulting projects and optimizing my workflow, I’ve moved forward with moving the development of The C++ Network Library to Github. In the span of a few days, I’ve managed to move the cpp-netlib project to Github and release...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-13-2009
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  • Programming on a Netbook

    So recently I’ve been doing more and more open source C++ development over at cpp-netlib cleaning up the implementation of a simple URI library for the release of version 0.4. I still haven’t gotten myself that MacBook Pro that I’ve always wanted to get but I did  settle for an...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 11-30-2009
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  • Preparing for BoostCon Participation

    It’s been quite a while since I wrote on this blog mostly because I’ve been preoccupied with some full-time consulting work I’ve been doing. Now that this particular engagement of mine is coming to a close, I’m getting more and more time on my hands to do one of the more important...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 11-27-2009
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