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  • WPF 5 Day Course courtesy of Karsten Januszewski

    I remember seeing this last year when i was trying to put my hands wet with WPF. It's a pretty good five day course courtesy of Karsten Januszewski which you can complete just by reading and applying the things that you can find out from his set of useful links. A pretty good primer to WPF if you...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 04-24-2007
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  • Forcing a visual tree repaint in WPF

    So what does InvalidateVisual do? The SDK documentation says it " invalidates the rendering of the element, and forces a complete new layout pass. OnRender is called after the layout cycle is completed" . Just what I needed when it was time to implement scrolling for a custom control shown below - or...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 10-28-2006
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  • building a full trust XBAP app

    After reading this post by Karsten, I created a WPF XBAP project that displays the ClassicReports designer on a Frame as shown below. < Page x:Class ="IApp.Page3" xmlns ="" xmlns:x ="
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 10-12-2006
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  • Implementing the ListCollectionView

    The ListCollectionView is a WPF wrapper for an IList. When you add or remove something from the IList, the ListCollectionView must be notified of the change by calling its OnCollectionChanged method so it can sync with the IList. The problem is, OnCollectionChanged is a protected method i.e. we can't...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 10-06-2006
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  • The ViewController and XAML

    About two nights ago, I learned how to use an external XAML in a WPF application. It was so simple. Just read the XAML, parse it, and then wire the elements to your code. Now if this is how we are supposed to code in WPF, then I might just as well stick to WinForms. Fortunately XAML was not designed...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 10-05-2006
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  • XAML meets Boo

    My first impression with XAML was that you get to play with it only if your building WPF apps in c#. It seems the .NET3 c# compiler is the only one capable of compiling XAML markup and code into an executable file. It was a big letdown for Boo aficionados like me since XAML is clearly the way to go when...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 10-04-2006
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  • XAML renders differently

    I was reading with great interest Keith's posts about creating a color chart in ASP.NET and decided to roll out a similar WPF application in pure code first - in Boo ofcourse - and in XAML second. The former will be a Windows application and the latter will be an XBAP application so I can run it inside...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 09-29-2006
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  • Not your father's ListBox

    [ Edited : I changed the code to use one template this time to emphasize the proper use of styling. I also moved the the definition for the style to a class to make the code cleaner. ] After only a couple of days hacking away at WPF using the SDK docs and Google as reference, I may finally be gaining...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 09-27-2006
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  • WinFx TestDrive with Boo

    Learning the ins and outs of WPF is like climbing Mount Apo for the first time - minus a guide. Oh yes, judging by the sample applications you see on the Internet, Microsoft may have succeeded in creating a very compelling framework that will change the face of computing as we know it today. The engineers...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 09-24-2006
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  • Xml as programming language

    i read that phrase in an XML book i bought five long years ago. it was an amazing declaration that stuck in my head thru all these years. frankly, i never thought it would happen. but no sooner did i put down that bloody book, MSDN was showcasing code snippets scripted in the now familiar XML format...
    Posted to Driving .NET by smash on 09-15-2006
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