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  • Hiatus and Reflections

    So I've left one hanging promise at least fall off my radar -- a manual vtable based implementation of the concept-based polymorphism implementation. As you all have known for a while now I've been working at Google Australia for two years now and part of the work involves some really interesting...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 05-03-2013
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  • Minus the Header-Only Dogma

    I’ve been working on the C++ Network Library for a few years already total but have been on-and-off with it until recently. One of the first decisions that I made in implementing the library was to try and do a header-only approach to implementing a network library implementation. At first it made...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 08-25-2011
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  • What You’ve Missed With C++: 2011 So Far

    The past few months have been a jam-packed with a few developments in terms of C++. Not only did C++0x get the almost unanimous nod of the industry to be good enough to be called C++11 but there’s also a few stories that have come out that need some attention too. There was the Google [...]
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 07-05-2011
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  • C++0x will be C++ 2011

    As you might already have heard from other places and read from other sources, the ISO C++ committee has now finally voted to publish the current Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) for the language referred to affectionately as C++0x. This means that the FDIS will pretty much be the version of...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 03-28-2011
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  • Broken C++: Old Compilers

    Up until recently I’ve only had to deal with standard-compliant C++. I’ve pretty much enjoyed writing C++ code that abides by an accepted and well-defined standard. This means I have been for the most part using most of the standard features of the Standard Template Library. That changed...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 02-25-2011
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  • Software Engineering and C++

    There is a largely unspoken understanding between/among C++ developers that goes a little something like this: “any sufficiently complex problem can be solved by working with the appropriate abstractions”. This is not a hard/fast rule but it’s something that the senior C++ guys understand...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 01-25-2011
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  • Agile C++ Development

    I haven’t been writing much lately and that’s mostly because I’ve been ramping up work with a new client. That said, I’ve always wanted to write about how to do Agile Software Development with C++, but I didn’t have enough time or context to be able to do it. This current...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-14-2010
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  • Generic Programming Barriers to Entry

    I thought about the subject a little more and tried to look into myself and what was stopping me from learning generic programming earlier in my C++ programming experience. One recent interview I had still sold C++ as an Object Oriented Programming language, which was surprising to me because it was...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 11-30-2010
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  • BoostCon 2010 Trip Update

    Now I’m back in the Philippines and an update has been long overdue. The week of May 9-14 was spent with much enthusiasm and enjoyment meeting with and getting to know the other names in the Boost C++ Library developers mailing list. The community is alive, well, and growing — lots of first...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 05-23-2010
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  • Advantages of C over C++?!

    Just after writing a piece about how C++ can be faster than C, I run into this article that speaks about how C is better than C++. Adam Smith writes: It has been claimed that C++ is a better C them [sic] C. this is being taken to mean that when switching to C++ you can [...]
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 01-09-2010
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