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  • TDD in PHP presentation

    Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking about Test Driven Development in front of PHP developers. I had a bit of trouble at first with the projector not playing nice with my cheapo notebook. Too bad that we didn't have much time to cover necessary ground. :( As promised, here are the links to the...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 04-28-2007
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  • I hate PHP gotchas

    I like PHP , but some of its gotchas are really getting on my nerves. I wonder if any of you have encountered this particular issue that's been causing my hair to fall off lately. One system I did for a client was generating badly-formed reports in CSV format. The mysterious thing was that it worked...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 04-26-2007
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  • Static instances in PHP4

    If you've read my previous post s here, you'll notice that I advocate code testability and TDD. One of the key design concepts in achieving this is "inversion of control" or the dependency injection pattern . While I do mostly .NET stuff these days, I still dabble with PHP projects from time to time...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 01-18-2007
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  • Why tests should be made to fail first, then pass later

    Because it's better than having tests that pass first then fail later. No kidding. This is true. At first I couldn't understand why TDD evangelists would say that a test should start at "red" (or even fail to compile at all) before you put in code that will make the test pass or go "green." I mean, it...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 01-15-2007
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  • PHP can do Test-Driven Development too

    Maybe you thought that test-driven development is restricted only to platforms like Java and .NET...I'll be happy to inform you that PHP can also do that! Here's my simplest test case using TDD on PHP: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 <?php require_once '../../simpletest/unit_tester...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 08-28-2006
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