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  • Postfix Name service error

    We encountered a problem on our email server and as an initial procedure I tried to read the logs, the log says that relay=none, delay=141015, status=deferred (Name service error for Host not found, try again) so as an initial response i tried to check on /etc/resolve.conf, ping, dig and nslookup...
    Posted to Humprey Evangelista Cogay by Comgen on 10-11-2010
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  • Ubuntu is not a Game ;)

    A friend of mine sent this link to me today and it made me really laugh really hard... Man, talk about someone posting a review on something that they don't really understand. Actual review link can be found here:
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 06-24-2008
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  • Flipping on the Linux Switch

    Recently , i bumped on to a site and what struck me most is its title "Flipping the Linux Switch" . There are two words that made be stop and read about the article "Linux" and "Switch". It reminded me a few years back when i was the network administrator of a university...
    Posted to M3X Interface by trashVin on 04-03-2008
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  • Even Linux Gurus Have Their Match

    It's true. Everybody has their own match. Their own weakness. Their own kryptonite that would hold them to their knees and trade their philosophies and senses for a chance to break free. And for my friend who is a recognized Linux and Java guru(he founded the largest Java User Group in the Philippines...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 08-21-2007
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  • A fad, or the beginning of change?

    I swear I saw a few news reports in the days of the dot-com boom (before the bust of course) wherein PC manufacturers were bundling Linux on their machines. I guess it wasn't successful because it went for naught a few months (weeks?!) later. Just this year, Dell started shipping Ubuntu Linux on...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 08-06-2007
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  • Dell goes Ubuntu!

    This is pleasant news: Dell and Ubuntu announced in a joint conference that Dell will be pre-installing Ubuntu 7.04 on some of its desktops and laptops . I have been using Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" 7.04 for over a week now and I am very much impressed by the software experience. It still has a few...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 05-01-2007
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  • Are you a Filipino Linux User? Then this FREE Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition is for you!

    Yup! Thats right! As part of the DevPinoy Ready Launch Event we are giving away a Free Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition(Thanks to Woody Pewitt ) to one lucky Linux enthusiast. Hmmm! I see eyebrows raising... So why did we decided to give it to a Linux user? The short answer is because we want...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 03-21-2007
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  • The tail command in Linux

    Ok, so I'm not really a *nix guy. I just happen to know a few handful commands in Linux. I kind of wonder why some people get angry when you ask them something about what they know about Linux. I remember talking to a friend of mine and I asked him how I should organize my files in Linux. He answered...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 01-17-2007
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  • Cross-Platform C# Slides

    It was merely a coincidence. But just a week after Microsoft and Novell made a highly-controversial deal about Linux, I now probably hold the dubious distinction of being (one of) the first person to do a Linux-oriented presentation in the Microsoft Philippines office. OK, it's not a Microsoft event;...
    Posted to cruizer by cruizer on 11-08-2006
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  • Fat32 on linux

    file systems.....they always say that you could have the best of WinXP if your using NTFS. i believe them but not until i fell for linux..ryt now i have a dual boot pc. for the partition i kept 2 ntfs , 1 ext3 and the rest fat32. i did it for easy sharing between 2 OS (linux does not recognize ntfs the...
    Posted to M3X Interface by trashVin on 08-25-2006
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