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  • Hiatus and Reflections

    So I've left one hanging promise at least fall off my radar -- a manual vtable based implementation of the concept-based polymorphism implementation. As you all have known for a while now I've been working at Google Australia for two years now and part of the work involves some really interesting...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 05-03-2013
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  • Minus the Header-Only Dogma

    I’ve been working on the C++ Network Library for a few years already total but have been on-and-off with it until recently. One of the first decisions that I made in implementing the library was to try and do a header-only approach to implementing a network library implementation. At first it made...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 08-25-2011
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  • What You’ve Missed With C++: 2011 So Far

    The past few months have been a jam-packed with a few developments in terms of C++. Not only did C++0x get the almost unanimous nod of the industry to be good enough to be called C++11 but there’s also a few stories that have come out that need some attention too. There was the Google [...]
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 07-05-2011
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  • C++0x will be C++ 2011

    As you might already have heard from other places and read from other sources, the ISO C++ committee has now finally voted to publish the current Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) for the language referred to affectionately as C++0x. This means that the FDIS will pretty much be the version of...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 03-28-2011
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  • Broken C++: Old Compilers

    Up until recently I’ve only had to deal with standard-compliant C++. I’ve pretty much enjoyed writing C++ code that abides by an accepted and well-defined standard. This means I have been for the most part using most of the standard features of the Standard Template Library. That changed...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 02-25-2011
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  • Software Engineering and C++

    There is a largely unspoken understanding between/among C++ developers that goes a little something like this: “any sufficiently complex problem can be solved by working with the appropriate abstractions”. This is not a hard/fast rule but it’s something that the senior C++ guys understand...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 01-25-2011
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  • Agile C++ Development

    I haven’t been writing much lately and that’s mostly because I’ve been ramping up work with a new client. That said, I’ve always wanted to write about how to do Agile Software Development with C++, but I didn’t have enough time or context to be able to do it. This current...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-14-2010
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  • Generic Programming Barriers to Entry

    I thought about the subject a little more and tried to look into myself and what was stopping me from learning generic programming earlier in my C++ programming experience. One recent interview I had still sold C++ as an Object Oriented Programming language, which was surprising to me because it was...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 11-30-2010
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  • BoostCon 2010 Trip Update

    Now I’m back in the Philippines and an update has been long overdue. The week of May 9-14 was spent with much enthusiasm and enjoyment meeting with and getting to know the other names in the Boost C++ Library developers mailing list. The community is alive, well, and growing — lots of first...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 05-23-2010
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  • Advantages of C over C++?!

    Just after writing a piece about how C++ can be faster than C, I run into this article that speaks about how C is better than C++. Adam Smith writes: It has been claimed that C++ is a better C them [sic] C. this is being taken to mean that when switching to C++ you can [...]
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 01-09-2010
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  • Free/Delete Not Returning Memory To OS?

    As I do keep tabs on what’s going on with C++ around the web, I chanced upon this short and succinct article about ‘free’ and ‘delete’ not returning memory to the OS from Thought Garage which starts with: When you call free() or delete(), it will NOT really release any memory...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 01-05-2010
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  • RAII is not Clear?

    One of the more basic and fundamental idioms of C++ programming is that of RAII. It’s so simple and fundamental that C++ seems to be the only programming language that supports this idiom. From Wikipedia, RAII is: Resource Acquisition Is Initialization, often referred to by the acronym RAII (or...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 01-03-2010
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  • Living in a Parallel World

    While catching up on my C++ reading, I chanced upon this article from Intel Software Network by Dr. *** Brown of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota which is basically pointing out the writing on the wall which I’ve already pointed out to colleagues while I was still in college. From the...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-28-2009
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  • C++ Instead of PHP for the Web?

    I ran into this interesting article from Wt which reads: As they only say that “the bulk” is running PHP (edit: for those of you to lazy to read about the Facebook architecture [1], that is solely Apache/PHP, no database, no memcache, and to quote Jeff Rotschild of Facebook: “the...
    Posted to mikhailberis by C++ Soup! on 12-27-2009
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  • Nobody should tell you what you should be. Nobody!

    "Nobody should tell you what you want to be in life. Stick with your dream and don't let anybody tell you that you can't make that dream happen." I was browsing technorati today when I stumbled upon this blog entry from an aspiring developer in Manila. My heart shrunk after reading...
    Posted to Keith Rull by keithrull on 11-09-2007
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