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  • And I almost turned my back against Java

    A couple of days back, office had what we call a "village" hall meeting to give us a quick rundown of everything UNIT 1. Part of it was an introduction of "new joiners" and I'm one of them. One of the top brass asked us "new joiners" to say our name, tell a little something...
    Posted to Implementing INosebleed by Agile_ph on 08-31-2007
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  • I'm getting better with M$ Excel

    It's a really funny realization. As I mature in my career I'm also getting better with M$ Excel. I'm telling myself I couldn't have known that feature/technique if I didn't see that from my officemate! It's so hilarious. I should really see open office's Calc and see if the...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 08-29-2007
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  • technical skills != opportunity

    I came from an interview last weekend for a possible job in SG after a colleague of mine told me about the opening. It is an Indian firm that recently opens their Global delivery center in Singapore. The interview was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Makati. It was a 2-step process, first was the technical...
    Posted to n@rds by n.ocampo on 08-27-2007
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  • Escalating my thoughts... On Systems Analysis and Design

    Yesterday while preparing on a trip, I noticed a book laying on the floor. The book is entitled "Systems Analysis and Design" by Kendall and Kendall. Flashbacks came to me on a time when I was taking my Systems Analysis and Design Principles (SADNP) subject. I remember that during that time...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 08-21-2007
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  • Finally, breaking my silence.

    Welcome to my tech blog. I'll be blogging about .net, devt tools, career and my software development experience. I've been here for about more than 1 year reading those great blogs before I finally break my silence to put up my own tech blogs. I hope this is a way to improve myself and share...
    Posted to n@rds by n.ocampo on 08-20-2007
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  • C# over Java over C#...

    Random thoughts... No matter how hard I try (I'm probably not trying hard enough), I still go back to books or reading materials or anything about C# and .NET. I can't seem to study Java (seriously) even if my life depended on it. I'd like to think that there's just quite a few people...
    Posted to Implementing INosebleed by Agile_ph on 08-18-2007
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  • I thought I saw an MVP

    ...and yes I did! First time was in a seminar on Test Driven Development and just recently as I was trying to figure out where the comfort room was, I saw him sitting there in action! (Not quite sure what he was working on though) It's nice to know that greatness is just around the corridor, keeps...
    Posted to Implementing INosebleed by Agile_ph on 08-06-2007
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  • Me, Oracle, and the Java Market

    While surfing the Net and unconsciously thinking about my standing in the I.T. market, I came across a link that tells Frequently Asked Questions about Java and Oracle. I'm still browsing through it while making this blog post. What's the fuss? Well, two of the latest job interviews I've...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 08-04-2007
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  • Save the programmer... Save the world...

    Yesterday I had an interview with a company. Though everything seems to have turned out quite alright, they're very surprised that I had to give them a 3-month notice period. Well, obviously it was too long but it was in my contract. The most shocking thing was though... It would seem that my current...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 07-05-2007
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  • It's not just about the technology anymore...

    Right now... I feel like I'm having a different view at my career. Before (and even until now) I would create a list of the technologies I want/need to learn and put some sort of priority next to them such as 5 - Hibernate 4 - JSF 3 - SCJP 2 - Webservices I always have this posted on my desk. But...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 05-19-2007
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  • Every Developer's Right - Philippine based company files a lawsuit to a former employee?

    Today, I opened my e-mail and received tons of messages from pinoyjug. Apparently, some guy is saying that his former company is suing him for working for another competitor. I kind of feel some sympathy towards him since I also before I left my first company and my team lead resigned from that company...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 01-25-2007
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  • I Lost Focus...

    What a very bad start for my new year... I feel like I totally lost focus of everything. On the previous year I was preparing for my SCJP exam and I felt like I was really doing good. December 2006 was supposedly a dedicated time for me to review for the certification. But I wasn't able to finish my...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 01-04-2007
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  • TipidPC.Com is becoming a site to "not learn" programming?

    I just noticed that more and more students are trying not to do their own homeworks/projects and use TPC as a place where they could get someone to do their work for them. Some people are also making these students their bread and butter which I think... Is wrong... This is degrading the Filipino image...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 11-28-2006
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  • A glimpse of ASM

    It was kind of shocking last Friday when our client didn't approve our project plan. Instead of having a 4 month duration that would involve design, coding and delivery our time was cut down to 1 month(20 days to be exact). I am pretty confident though that we could beat the deadline for even such a...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 09-23-2006
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  • What I'm into

    Hmmm... There have been a lot of things I wanted to learn lately... But without an actual project to work with, it will be quite impossible to learn fast... I'm the type of person who tends to study about a lot of things. May it be about computers, nature, food, girls, or your hamster's nose... To tell...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 09-12-2006
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