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  • EJB and Java EE Design Patterns

    I'm still not doing much here in my new job. There's still a lot of things to be set up. I finally got to meet with our very own Nards (N.Ocampo). Aside from that, I've been reading on Java Enterprise Design Patterns for the past one week They are: Service Locator - Abstracts JNDI lookup...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 12-10-2007
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  • And I almost turned my back against Java

    A couple of days back, office had what we call a "village" hall meeting to give us a quick rundown of everything UNIT 1. Part of it was an introduction of "new joiners" and I'm one of them. One of the top brass asked us "new joiners" to say our name, tell a little something...
    Posted to Implementing INosebleed by Agile_ph on 08-31-2007
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  • C# over Java over C#...

    Random thoughts... No matter how hard I try (I'm probably not trying hard enough), I still go back to books or reading materials or anything about C# and .NET. I can't seem to study Java (seriously) even if my life depended on it. I'd like to think that there's just quite a few people...
    Posted to Implementing INosebleed by Agile_ph on 08-18-2007
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  • Me, Oracle, and the Java Market

    While surfing the Net and unconsciously thinking about my standing in the I.T. market, I came across a link that tells Frequently Asked Questions about Java and Oracle. I'm still browsing through it while making this blog post. What's the fuss? Well, two of the latest job interviews I've...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 08-04-2007
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  • What I'm into

    Hmmm... There have been a lot of things I wanted to learn lately... But without an actual project to work with, it will be quite impossible to learn fast... I'm the type of person who tends to study about a lot of things. May it be about computers, nature, food, girls, or your hamster's nose... To tell...
    Posted to Lamia's Java Blog - A Pinoy Java Blog by lamia on 09-12-2006
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