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21 June 2007
.NET: Updated: Simple and Stupid BackgroundWorker Example
I was very busy the past weeks, I cannot imagine I could make it not to code for several days, been a carpenter, janitor, messenger and everything hehe. But I'm here again now. Let me start this out with this stupid sample I just given to one of my junior developer. BackgroundWorker is a special... Read More...
25 November 2006
.NET: Unable to load one or more of the requested types exception in winforms
I have encoutered this very strange error when Im trying to modify one of my user controls on a winddows forms module. It's the first happened to me so I assume I can fix this just by cleaning up the bin folder, update references, reload or restart the project. To no avail, I have googled around and... Read More...
08 November 2006
L10N: Autosize property of labels on windows forms
Lately, I was wondering why the Autosize property of label on windows forms is set to true, this is annoying and tiring if you love using windows forms designer(yucks! kidding ), because you often want a properly aligned controls and fixed with labels on data entry textboxes.But not until i want to loicalize... Read More...