DevDays 2005 Experiences

Yesterdays event was realy very precious to me. Not just because of the food and tech sessions held but because of my personal experiences. I had a great time workin with my friends  in Philippine .NET Users Group (PHINUG) and Philippines SQL Server User Group (PSSUG). Here are some of most notable things yesterday,

Don't be late
Rember that you may exit at Shaw Blvd station than on Ortigas Station on way to Edsa Shang
Test...test...test.. you're  demo before leaving
Bring your own laptop, trust only your own machine
Smart devices arent really smart unless you're smart enough to fix some things

VS2005 local web server  is a saviour, if you found out that a machine dont have IIS Installed. I later found out that the laptops we're going to use in registration do not have IIS installed, fortunately there's beta 2 installed. i just ran the program usingVS and minimized the IDE. hehe, it saves me.

VS2005 local web server dont accept external connections (I maybe wrong here). I was about to conduct a demo on Windows Mobile 2003 application but i when i test my app, my iPAQ cannot connect to the laptop. I also tried using XDA but it fails me. I think the problem boils down into the IIS requirement because the web service part was hosted by VS local web server. But even the "Sql server does not exist" message always appear. Network config wokring fine nama. I tried it again in the office this morning it works fine naman. Whoahhh, what could be wring here?

One more, you can swallow exceptions in rare cases where encounterng error is a mortal sin. The registration system of PHINUG which I customized from ClubSite starter kits throws exceptions on Members section. Its pretty annoying to see this Yellow Screen of Death page, I have no choice and have no time to fix it so just swallow it. It saves our day!

me (on green shirt), punzie (middle, on tablet pc), cogey (leftmost), ...            femme                         about to open doors

Great learning experiences not just on demos also on community involment and friendship.
 Thanks MS Philippines for this event. Next event: VS 2005 Grand Launch, November 25, 2005, we'll be there!

PS. I wish there could be water in the buffet area, i was really dehirated yesterday. Thanks to jasper, humprey, visual crystal, jackie and rest for helping me. you all guys rock. also RD for the water, you save my battery life!
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