Its fun being a tech writer for a day

I was wondering why many developers dont want to do documentations.
They always run into coding and start writing once some basic requirements have been defined.
This situation usaully happens in non-software companies where developers do analysts work also.

For me documentation must be strictly checked and verified by systems analyst, with developers, and managers. Complete specifications, design guidelines and requirements must be identified beforehand. It saves money and time. Problems identified beforehand can be addressed before production starts. Budget can be allocated. Proposals can be served and reviewed. Thus poducing quality product at lesser development cost.

As an system analyst/programmer, i am tasked to do both coding and requirements gathering and specification. Today i started documenting my project, though not in ISO Standard way or CMM level i believe other developers can understand and implement things that i have written to. I spent whole day and i think i would took a week to finish all these documentation works. Documentation brings me to level and point of view of reader. You dont write manual for developers, you write for users so why dicusing those interfaces, abstract classes etc.... Evrything must be straightforward and procedural.
Reverse goes to administrators, i documentations for administration and set up guide. How - to's approach works better for me..

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