Always ask for signoff..
Published 11-27-2007 2:40 PM | mitsram
This is common to us developers when we heard from users during the UAT/demo of the applications we made: - "It's good if we have this additional functionality" - "I just realized that we actually need this kind of information"...
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Oracle 2 Day DBA Course
Published 11-21-2007 2:34 PM | mitsram
Here's the link:
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Root servers around the globe
Published 08-11-2006 6:02 PM | mitsram
Root Servers support a global network of domain name servers that provide access to all known, non-colliding, and operational Top-Level Domains. If you don't know the locations of these server, please click on the link below:
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C# and VB.NET: Tricky Things on Access Modifiers
Published 08-11-2006 5:57 PM | mitsram
Access modifiers allows you to control how the elements of your application are accessed. Access modifiers are keywords such as Public, Private, Protected, Friend, and Protected Friend in VB.NET (public, private, protected, internal, protected internal...
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