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This is a short post just to direct your attention to the new cpp-netlib project website! The project's new home is now at (links to the old site should automatically redirect to this domain). We're looking at scaling the effort of the project and enforcing a few processes for consistency and for velocity. A few highlight to the website content:

  • A style guide. We are now getting to the point where we have a lot of code and more people sending in pull requests. In this light we've started a very minimalist style guide. We will discuss and update this as soon as we have more data to make decisions.
  • A development policy document. We've attempted to codify what we do and how we do it.
  • A proposal process. If you're considering getting involved or helping get your library developed or included in cpp-netlib, there's now a process for that.
We're also now ramping up our migration to use Google Test and getting ready to use Clang Format to use the Google style-guide formatting (just for the formatting) to make the code more consistent. I'm driving that process and getting the codebase into a more maintainable state. I've learned in these past few years that readable code makes my life easier, and contributors lives easier. Having said this we're not going to compromise on features of C++11 that we're going to use. I believe that now is the time to use C++11.

Personally I'm also driving the HTTP server re-write and hoping others will be interested in pitching into that effort (as well as the HTTP client re-write). Glyn has been driving the standardisation of the URI library and we're generally pleased with the feedback we've been receiving. My dream in the long term is that cpp-netlib can play a similar role that Boost has played for getting libraries widely used and tested focused on the network programming domain.

To that end I'm happy that Google has officially acknowledged this effort, and starting really soon most of the work I will be doing will be going through the Google fork of cpp-netlib.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be able to share more news about cpp-netlib soon!

Postscript: I will go back to the topic of value semantics and virtual tables without using the virtual keyword at a later date. I'm taking my time with that but I should definitely have something ready soon. Stay tuned!

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