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The C++ Network Library: New Release and Updates
After a bit of development (and a little stagnation) since the 0.9.2 release, I'm proud to announce that cpp-netlib 0.9.3 is now available for general availability. This release will be supported for one year until March 30, 2013. You can download the official packages from the Github project downloads. This release was managed by Glyn Matthews and there are a number of important changes in 0.9.3 that addresses issues with 0.9.2. There are a number of bugs fixed and lots of simplifications internally.

Here's a quick run-down of what has changed between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3:

  • Static libraries for URI and HTTP Client connections. This dramatically reduces the compile-time costs of using the HTTP client and the URI parsers.
  • A new interface for building URIs. The URI builder follows the directive style that's used in the request and response objects.
  • Fixes to C++0x/C++11-supporting compilers (MSVC 2010 in particular).
  • Updates to the MIME parser implementation.

There are a few issues that are being worked on and we're planning on doing a 0.9.4 release or a patch-set for 0.9.3. If you do find issues we encourage you to file them on the official project issue tracker.

The next major release we're planning will feature the move away from and removing support for the header-only implementation. There's also a discussion on the mailing list about what the focus for the development of the library should be moving forward. If you're interested in the topic, you can checkout the discussion on the mailing list.

Major changes are going to come from my personal fork of the project. I've just recently completed the refactoring of the HTTP client implementation to make it easier to maintain and extend. In lieu of header-only template metaprogramming, I've made changes to use traditional polymorphism in places where they make sense. This allows us to maintain a stable interface against which other developers can program against to implement many new techniques that users can choose to customize the behavior of the HTTP client.

We're still in the process of planning whether we're going to release a 0.10 which contains these changes or whether we're going to straight to 1.0. C++11 support is also something the community is looking to jump to. We'd love to hear what the users think, so feel free to post comments on this post or better yet join the mailing list to get involved in the discussion.

In the meantime we're hoping to get more users and more contributors to the project. Although we are too late for applying to the Google Summer of Code effort, we are ramping up our efforts to get more contributors involved in the project. I'm personally putting in my 20% time to make sure that I can mentor new developers and make myself available to allow people who want to contribute to answer questions on the mailing list. I'm also going to be hosting regular hang-outs as well for live face-to-face interaction with users and developers in the community.

The goal of cpp-netlib has definitely changed now from something that's just a header-only modern C++ networking library to making modern C++ network programming easy for everyone. We encourage users and developers alike to raise ideas and questions to the mailing list so that we can as a community make network programming in C++ easier and more accessible to more people. It is also with this goal that we're hoping to get a proposal to the ISO C++ Committee for a high-level HTTP client interface accepted.

In behalf of the C++ Network Library group of maintainers and community members, we look forward to getting more contributors and users this year and in the coming years. We're all committed to achieving the new goals of the project and look forward to your feedback and patronage.


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