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New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution List:

1. Prepare For The MCTS-SQL Server 2005  Certification (70-431)

  1.a Self-Paced Training (Training Kit + Videos Lessons)

2. Prepare For The OCA Exam (1Z0-042)

  2.a Review Oracle 10g Architecture and Administration

  2.b Attend Class For the Oracle 10g Backup and Recovery

3. Target For 2008: OCA & MCTS


They say that if you want to achieve something, like a goal, the first thing that you want to do is to write it down. I have always procrastinated learning the things that I really want to learn. But somehow I need to start somewhere. There is much to learn. If I want to be a developer, why not jump in into the programming bandwagon immediately? My career strategy is to pin down a DBA position first then I can do the programming from there since I really want to follow the Business Applications Developement Path. I believe that future applications will be data-driven. Why? Because Business, as we know it, is data-driven. Business Intelligence is now becoming a big thing.

I know the sole purpose of blogs here in DevPinoy is to impart real-life knowledge for those who seek it. With your indulgence let me use this as a journal of my rendezvouz with the programming world. I may not impart the much sought knowledge on diversed technologies that the DevPinoy Community caters to, but I have an inkling that somehow someone out there is at the same stage as I am -- getting my feet wet on the programming waters and trying to roll my sleeves as I watch over the shoulders of those who are already doing it.

I would always remember what my professor in C++ would always say in our class: " If you keep company with Losers, You will be one; so you'd better hang out with the Winners! ". I have always believed in that dictum since I first heard it.

That is why I am here in this community.


Posted 01-02-2008 10:46 PM by marl
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