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Inserting data to MySQL table using Flex and PHP

Ok, in my last post I tried to follow Mike J. Potter's tutorial on how to read data from PHP to Flex. He actually also tried to make an example of how to write data but he left some part out. Ofcourse I'm still just trying out the examples, making...
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Hands-on with FLEX

Note: This post is not intended as a tutorial. I'm just sharing my own personal experience with learning FLEX. Finally, I was able to sit down for a few hours and do some coding with Flex. Well, I didn't write my own code but I think it helps...
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Installing Flex SDK and Spket IDE

Installing the Flex SDK If you haven't downloaded the Flex SDK yet, go to the adobe website . Installing it is just a matter of extracting the zip file to your preferred directory(mine is in C:\flexSDK\bin). If you want to be able to compile from...
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Getting FLEXible

Bored. That's the best way to describe my feelings right now. I've had a chat with my "sensei" this morning and he told me that he noticed my lack of enthusiasm. I agree with him, it's been sometime since I've felt very anthusiastic...
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