User Interface - It's not Trivial

In my previous company our Systems Analyst always gave emphasis on User Interface and always reminded us that it's not a trivial thing. I thought that it was a mature way of thinking to develop all the functionalities first. Yeah, if you're just a coder then that might be a more important thing. But being a software engineer, designing user interfaces is a required skills or else, who would want to use your application? This is why I've spend time re-learning CSS, Javascript and JQuery. JQuery with some of its components already skinned really adds to the ease of development of user interfaces (plus some sleake design).

I have to thank many of my friends online who helped me develop my web design skills. Just a few months ago I could hardly match colors (still working on it) but with some patience and hardwork it seems to be a rewarding task. I tried to research online for some guidelines and this article seems fine.

Published 12-17-2009 6:08 PM by lamia