Still hard to achive a flexible UI (Windows Forms)

This thing is still such a pain in the  %#2. Or maybe I just don't have enough UI designing experience. I had to make the UI flexible enough to fit on different screen resolutions, different font sizes  and flexible enough even on form resize. I can't describe how I did it exactly but the major things that I added and made changes to were...


  • autosize=true
  • Anchor=top,left
  • FlowDirection=LeftToRight
  • Dock to Parent Container


  • fixedPanel[Panel1 or Panel 2]
  • splitterDistance={This is personal preference, keep to a minimum}
  • Horizontal/Vertical splitter orientation

I had to make combinations of  of vertical and horizontal splitter orientation to get the result I want.

Published 09-09-2009 8:18 PM by lamia
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Friday, September 11, 2009 2:01 AM by cruizer

# re: Still hard to achive a flexible UI (Windows Forms)

there's a FlowLayoutPanel for .NET Windows Forms.

but you're a Java dev, right? I suggest you bypass Windows Forms completely and go straight to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). I'm sure you'll like that, as it's very easy to create flowing layouts that adjust to different window/screen sizes and resolutions.