Don't think of unfinished projects as a failure

I was on my way to a PinoyJUG seminar and I was waiting for a friend in Eastwood, Libis. While waiting for him, I decided to visit the bookstore and look for some Computer-related books. Being unable to find one, I found myself browsing through management/personality-growth books and there I picked one about project management which was thin, but its title, I forgot. There were many powerful lessons there but one that really fascinated me was the phrase "Don't think of unfinished projects as a failure...

I have to admit that I've quite a few unfinished project that I wish I was able to finish. I carried this burden throughout my career which I guess made me think lowly of myself. This simple phrase has a powerful lesson. You learned from those unfinished projects and therefore should think of it as a success.

Published 09-26-2007 10:26 PM by lamia
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