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 It's not like I want to. But here in my company, we are required to take atleast one M$ Certification. I don't want to argue. Like I said. It's not like I want to!!!

 But anyway, it took quite a while for me to figure out their roadmap. In Java, you have to take SCJP(SCJA optional prior to that), a specialization and then the SCEA. In M$, it's quite different.

  • Exam 70-315: Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Exam 70-316: Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Exam 70-320: Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework
You take one of those, it would give you an MCP<INSERT_SUB_TITLE_HERE> title. You complete all of them, you'll be given an MCAD title. I'm actually planning on taking SCWCD but if it's for the company then perhaps I will have to do MCP first.

When you're bored and not doing much in your job. It's either you get certified or learn a new technology. But if your boss prevents you from doing the latter, just do the first one. You'll be a winner either way...
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 I just watched appfuse screencast which I downloaded from their homepage. All I can say is, it really rocks! It's cooler than netbeans' CRUD feature and the code it generate seems much cleaner. The security features are a blast as well! I really like it and I'm looking forward to using it in my future personal/professional projects.

 Since I'm currently learning a lot of things on my own, I figured out my brain couldn't take it much longer(i.e. information overload) so I let two of my teammates take a look at it and I hope they would get impressed and use it(i.e. experiment).

  If you're into Java and looking for a cool technology to play with, try appfuse. You can read on the seven simple reasons on why to use it.

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My friend who still has a connection in our school asked me to host a seminar about Java. It is quite a challenge since Java has quite a steep learning curve compared to languages such as C# and VB and your first programs may not be as rewarding as those two languages I've mentioned. In my own opinion, students have to be aware of what is going on in the industry especially around the Java technology. I have to convince them that it is the right language for them. Here is my first draft of the modules, and I'm doing this on the fly.

 1. Current Technology Trends
 2. JSE, JEE and JME
 3. Why study JSE?
 4. Object Oriented Programming and Java
 5. The four components of Object-Oriented programing (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction)  and why are concepts so important?
 6. Inheritance, Composition vs Inheritance
 7. Simple class demo (Employee-Person relationship).
 8. JDBC(Login System) 

 There are other things that I am very much worried about like how are the PCs setup, how much RAM they got because if I'm gonna be running netbeans then I wish they have atleast 512 MB. I haven't tried it in anything lower yet. I can use Eclipse, but I don't think it would be easy for the students to use it.

Now how am I suppose to put all that in their tiny nerves(speaking literally here) in under 3 hours? I have no prior experience teaching students. I had a sideline before with my sister's friend and that one involving C. It didn't turn out well. Hehehe.

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I'm bored... One of my officemates who is an experienced QA told me that I should stop whining about our project and do something about my boredome. Well... I had an internal project which I was doing for about 3 months all for the purpose of helping our staff and at the same time be able to learn JSF, JPA and brush up on my database design knowledge. It got scrapped right after I presented it to the guys. My boss found out that I was working on an internal project and he didn't seem to like it. I was finished with all the task I had to perform for the day and the sideline ha gave me... Well... I was also finished with that. I understand they plan on just buying all those ERP systems instead of having their in-house developers do it for them.

 So what? I'm left with nothing to do now... So I opened up my google calendar and scheduled myself to take the SCWCD this September. It's better than nothing and besides, I want to have a solid understanding of these technologies as it is essential(though it's fundemental) to me as a Java developer.

 I'm right here in a computer rental shop taking a javaranch mock exam. This is how I started when I took the SCJP exam. Hmmm... How long have I been doing Servlets and JSP? Well... That's about 1 year and 8 months now... But guess what!?



Aaaaak! Shame on me! So now maybe I could convince myself(more) to open u that Sevlets and JSP book  again so I could get a solid understanding of it. Man! I hate maintenance projects!

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We recently switched to windows 2003 as our workstation. The Portable HDD that I used before, doesn't work anymore. It did install the driver but apparently there are some problems. I approached my team lead and he showed me how to make it work. Because I'm recalling this on the top of my mind(short for "I'm feeling lazy") I will just show you a picture on what needs to be done.



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I thought it was gonna be easy comparing user input to existing names in my database(List). To my surprise, there was no matches() pattern available for the String class in Blackberry JDE.  I this article here but there are just too many things to look at. I wish they could explain it more in a straightforward manner and not just present a chunk of code to the reader. I'm trying to find help in the blackberryforums site and I hope that I get good luck.



 Finally after a while I was able to make a utility class for this problem. It's not an official regex search so it's not really that powerful but it does the job somehow.

public final class StringUtils {
    private StringUtils() {    }
    public static boolean caseInsensitiveStartsWith(String str1, String str2){
        return str1.toUpperCase().startsWith( str2.toUpperCase() );
    public static boolean caseInsensitiveEndsWith(String str1, String str2){
        return str1.toUpperCase().endsWith( str2.toUpperCase() );
    public static boolean caseInsensitiveIndexOf(String str1, String str2){
        return str1.toUpperCase().indexOf( str2.toUpperCase() ) > 0;

You can use this both for J2SE, J2EE and J2ME. But I haven't optimized this for J2ME. In my case, using this in every contact's telephone number is gonna be making a lot of instantiating and garbage collecting for strings. I hope it's not much of an issue for now...

Finally, it's not a very good thing to claim that the idea is 100% yours. I got the idea from here... Thanks a lot to the author of that code. :)

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I didn't know it was so much  fun to program for a device you've never programmed before (LIAR!). It was my first time coding for blackberry and of course using my favorite language, Java. My task in this project was simply to replicate the address book that is already existing. The great thing about Blackberry JDE is that it already comes with a default emulator and a few others to select from. Although I think the IDE is just a bit heavyweight for computers running unders 512 MB of memory. I also think that

I've also used the J2ME PIM API. Wow! I feel like I'm a complete Java programmer now that I've used J2SE, J2EE nad J2ME (ala Perfect Cell).

To tell more about J2ME in blackberry, you start your application from a public static void main(String[]) method. This is not the typical J2ME app where you extend MIDlet and have an init() method. Very simple task, different technology. Just enough to make a hungry developer happy. :)


To know more about Blackberry development, check their website

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Yesterday I had an interview with a company. Though everything seems to have turned out quite alright, they're very surprised that I had to give them a 3-month notice period. Well, obviously it was too long but it was in my contract. The most shocking thing was though... It would seem that my current project is degrading my market value.

It's been more than 3 months that I've been working on a maintenance project. This, like no other maintenance project is a very boring task. This isn't like you could refactor code anytime you want, the company that we are working for, of course has a long term plan for that in the future. I see no growth for me here as a Java developer because they're gonna be porting everything to .Net in the near future. Bad decision? I dunno...

So what is the rant all about? I think I already did my part and did my job the best I could. After having read the first few chapters of Code Complete by Stever MCConnell, I came to a realization... In the book he said:

"Despite economic ups and downs, good programmers are perennially in short supply (BLS 2002), and life is too short to work in an unenlightened programming shop when plenty of better alternatives are available".

Though not very experienced as of this point, I consider myself as a good programmer. And therefore I am opening myself to other opportunities that would come. I plan to stay for at least a year though... I plan to expand my knowledge and not just debug javascript code, property files or xml files. Though I'm doing an end to end work here, I'm not really learning anything other than the business process. I thought learning the business process would be enough reason to present to my future employer but then it's not. When you've worked on a maintenance project, other companies would see you like you're being benched. I'd like to make it clear though that I am not in any way keeping grudge (Tosho!) with my present employer. I am hoping they would understand when it's time for me to go that I am young and in search for more knowledge.

I wish the best for us all, and other developers who's still finding the light in the cave they're in. 

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