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Busy. Busy. Busy and Loving It!

I love being busy. I do.

I love working and building applications. I love making sure that what I build is a high quality application that has the 'Wow' factor stamped all over it. I guess it's just my nature to enjoy work and build stuff.

I love building stuff. I do.

Being busy makes me feel productive. Pressure makes me better and seeing my users smile at the end of the project motivates me to do my best job everytime. Thinking of my family and our future keeps me moving. It does. It really does.

I've been busy this past few weeks (i think it's almost a month and half know) with so much stuff going on at work doing UAT and production launch in a big ASP.NET dashboard application that I have been building in the past few months and I haven't had the change to post anything useful since early February because of these work related things.

None. Zip. Nada.

Anyway, that should change soon since my schedule would be a little bit more relax in the next few weeks other than a week I need to spend with some Cognos guys to show them our data and help them mine it. Oh well! I'll post something code related tonight. Promise!

I'll keep you posted for sure! Later!

Posted 03-12-2008 9:26 AM by keithrull
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