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I just got some Microsoft Lovin'

A few days ago in Twitterland, Tim Heuer had a contest. He said that whoever twitts him first would get a Microsoft Vista and Ofiice 2007 Ultimate... I quickly sent him a twit but sadly me efforts fell short. My friend Jon Galloway beat me by a second and he officially won... Jon feeling the pain of my defeat sent me a message saying that I can have the prize because he already have an MSDN subscription. Sweet!

Oh boy! That made my day!

Just today I got an email from Tim telling me that he already sent me the package and my eyes got big because it has some extras include in it.

   "package en route: DHL Tracking #248211XXXXX Sent 12/07/07 to Keith Rull
includes: Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate, Expression Studio and VS2008 Pro as well as some stickers."

Wooohoooh! That's what I call Microsoft Lovin'! Thanks Tim and Jon! Now my Christmas list is almost complete... hmmm.. I wonder who's going to give me a Zune and an XBOX. :) Now onwards to SilverLight!

Posted 12-07-2007 2:43 PM by keithrull
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bonskijr wrote re: I just got some Microsoft Lovin'
on 12-09-2007 5:20 PM

cge magandang swag yan hehehe

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