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The Anatomy Of A Filipino Call Center Agent

I saw this picture on my machine today while trying to backup my machine. I can't help myself but post it pretty interesting if you ask me ;)

The Call Center industry is a booming market in the Philippines. Answer is, if you live in Manila you probably know atleast 1 or 2 people working on this industry(i think majority of my classmates in college ended working as a Call Center Agent). They even have a song being played on the Philippine radio airwaves.

It's a great job and people who work at this companies often earn more money than entry-level programmers. Yep! that's true. 5 years back when I was looking for a job fresh out of college a friend told me that he was getting paid 17K + bonus as a call center agent. My jaw dropped because a buddy of mine who is a brilliant developer just got his first job as developer for a multi-national company was just getting paid 8.5K even my first paycheck as a full-time developer was only at 12K.

It's a pretty big margin huh? I guess that's the reason why alot of fresh grads go directly to call centers as their first choice of work(or maybe because of the lack of job openings in the Philippines). I do know that alot of people just call centers as a stepping stone for their real career goal. A former colleague of mine was a call center agent for Sykes before joining my former company. He said that he needed a job while reviewing for his SWCD and some cash to payoff the certification exam fee.

Posted 09-02-2007 10:02 AM by keithrull
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Orange wrote re: The Anatomy Of A Filipino Call Center Agent
on 09-02-2007 6:24 PM

The other reason is some are hypnotized by the big dough at the start. All I can say is call center is fun, IT industry is work. :-)

Some are not thinking of career development / career path. As long as they earn big, they are happy with it.

last_MIMZY wrote re: The Anatomy Of A Filipino Call Center Agent
on 11-21-2007 11:50 PM

I've been in this industry for quite a long time and sometimes i am really overwhelmed with stress. During holidays esp. christmas,family reunions and new year we always have our shifts....Looking back, it was all the same, i really earned big compared to an ordinary employee but the thing  is, you always have to pay the have to sacrifice....for me CALL not a long time is a journey..wherein you suddely realize that there are more things valuable than money.....But sad to say, due to our country's economic crisis..a lot of young professionals face this kind of dilemma. I had one experience before, i was mugged because i worked graveyard shifts...i  nearly lost my life....thank God i was my fellow NIGHTCRAWLERS - ingat palagi ! God bless

pinoycallcenter wrote re: The Anatomy Of A Filipino Call Center Agent
on 07-25-2008 9:56 AM

love this photo. ok lang ba i repost ung image sa ?

kitakits don.

kiko wrote re: The Anatomy Of A Filipino Call Center Agent
on 08-02-2008 10:44 AM

hehehe ayos ha.. dress down hehehe

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