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What Keith has been doing lately?

Some of you might have noticed that I haven't posted anything lately... well the reason is that I've been busy the past few weeks since working on alot of Reporting Services lately for one of the biggest projects that currently in progress in the company that I work for and when I say big I really mean big.

The thing about this current project is that it doesn't involve alot of coding and is mostly data analysis and report writing with Microsoft Reporting Services(just think of it this way, I need to generate and build 30 reports in 30 days. Yikes.). This takes alot of my time in a day and it has been the same way eversince I came back from my wedding

But anyhow, I'm back and I'm ready to post my dev thoughts again. I can't wait to start posting about Silverlight and start showing you guys some cool things that I have built with .NET 3.0 lately (No Windows Vista samples thou.. Any sponsors for this? :P).

Just keep readin' guys. I'll have something in the next few days ;) Till then, God speed everyone!

Posted 08-14-2007 3:51 PM by keithrull
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