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How to interview a Programmer

I found this post really interesting. It talks about how to spot a good programmer in a wild bunch of jobseekers. The cool thing about this is that the guys who are giving comments about the topic are generally industry honchos who have and had experience in selecting quality people to join their team.

The introduction struck me so much that i ended up reading the whole 3 pages of the article.

Here's excerpt taken from the article:

"...Throughout this discussion, one theme was clear: good code is written by good programmers. Therefore, one great way to improve the code quality within an organization is to hire better programmers. The trouble is, recognizing a good programmer among a pool of job applicants is not easy.

Finding good programmers is hard because good programming is dependent on much more than just knowledge of programming language syntax. You need someone who, despite wearing striped pants with a polka dot shirt, has a good sense of taste in OO design. You need someone who is creative enough to find innovative solutions to problems, yet anal retentive enough to always line up their curly braces. You need someone who is humble enough to be open to suggestions for improvement, but arrogant enough to stand firm and provide leadership when they are the best person to provide it. How can you tell all this about a stranger by spending 30 minutes with them in a conference room?...."

Read on... and be mezmerized! Thanks Bill Venners to this wonderful insight!

Posted 11-23-2005 5:34 PM by keithrull
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