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form close and input validation
Published 03-14-2006 5:27 AM | jokiz
a guy from my first tech talk asked me if he can use ISupportInitialize for input validation . i told him that ISupportInitialize is used in batch initialization of the properties of a control, not for input validation. the particular scenario that he...
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Validating inputs with a Cancel button
Published 06-09-2005 9:34 AM | jokiz
I have seen a number of posts like this on newsgroups and it is trivial especially for developers who misuse the events of normal WinForms controls. First are those who use the inefficient TextChanged event of the Windows Forms Textbox for validating...
ASPNET Validation Controls
Published 06-09-2005 9:28 AM | jokiz
I was reading Stephen Walther’s ASP.NET Unleased book when I found this excellent behavior of Validation Controls. Initially, I thought they just generate client-side scripts to validate them inputs. Then he raised the issue on some browsers with disabled...