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aggressive applications and slickrun
Published 05-23-2007 4:35 PM | jokiz
once in a while, i still experience slickrun battling with another window on which of them should be activated (this has been a long outstanding bug of slickrun). my usual workaround is to lock my system (Win+L) then unlock it. slickrun behaves as normal...
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control+enter != page break in MS Outlook
Published 05-22-2007 3:54 PM | jokiz
i was composing a message for a client when i pasted a table and it was pasted beside another table. i wanted to format the second table to another line so i thought of including a page break on top of it. in winword, the shortcut key for insert pagebreak...
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Closing shortcuts
Published 05-07-2007 4:29 PM | jokiz
if you're a keyboard junkie, you might have mistaken to close that Visual Studio Tool Window (resharper's find usage is a prime candidate) with an Alt+F4 keystroke and when you don't have any changes to save, your slow VS which took you almost...
gmail shortcut keys
Published 02-23-2007 2:22 PM | jokiz
i have just started using the shortcut keys for gmail as shown here . as usual, i printed a copy and pasted it in my cubicle borders. i love it when they standardize navigation keys, the J and K keys for move up and move down selections are similar with...
Hint-a-hint + SearchKeys
Published 12-07-2006 7:43 PM | jokiz
I have been using SearchKeys for a while now as I explore my mouseless computing world . It's good because firefox just emits numeric shortcut keys for google search results and my bookmarks at (used to support google groups, too bad). SearchKeys...
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My current keyboard shortcut list
Published 11-22-2006 4:39 PM | jokiz
Here is my current list of keyboard shortcut that i frequently use at work. An asterisk (*) means a custom keyboard mapping that i am using. I'm currently on a one week no-mouse therapy hopefully to learn more to use the keyboard. Visual Studio Ctrl...
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Keyboard shortcuts for Word 2002 and for Word 2003
Published 09-14-2006 3:30 PM | jokiz
I just found this keyboard shortcut list for Microsoft Word, just what i need. For those who still don't have this bookmarked, here it is:;en-us;290938
dropping dropdowns
Published 08-10-2006 11:54 AM | jokiz
i haven't really used this shortcut key for the past years and eversince i used firefox with the web search, i became hooked into it. i've been using it in every application (ms excel, visual studio) to toggle the dropdownlist items. no need to...
Resharper Tip: Move to Next/Previous method
Published 07-28-2006 3:49 PM | jokiz
i haven't really abused the power of resharper and since i have been currently shifting most of my mouse activities with keyboard shortcuts, easy navigation on a particular code sheet is a requirement. i finally am using goto next/previous keyboard shortcuts...
carpal tunnel syndrome signs
Published 07-04-2006 12:29 PM | jokiz
i don't know if it's only psychological based on a number of blog posts of developers having this carpal tunnel syndrome but i am currently experiencing irks on my wrist/palm/hands. as a result, i am trying to do almost everything now with keyboards....
keyboard shortcuts
Published 06-15-2006 11:16 AM | jokiz
Jon Galloway lists a compilation of keyboard shortcuts that will be helpful for keyboard lovers like me. You might as well check it out here . since i have been using firefox for months now, i haven't really dug in on how to optimize its usage using keyboard...
VS useful shortcuts
Published 02-21-2006 5:44 AM | jokiz
was reading some of my .NET feeds when i bumped into Roy's post on VS shortcuts Press Ctrl-X or Ctrl-C in a line where you have *no selection* - and you'll automatically copy or cut the entire current line. Save lots of time and pain, and just isn't well...
Windows shortcuts, run commands and more
Published 02-23-2005 12:42 PM | jokiz
I finally found the shortcut list for a number of MS Windows commands. For the complete listing, visit this link . This can be handy for some: Run Commands compmgmt.msc Computer management devmgmt.msc Device manager diskmgmt.msc Disk management dfrg.msc...
Command-line power
Published 02-11-2005 6:26 PM | jokiz
I am one of those command line junkie since I grew with MS-DOS 6.20 and Windows 3.1. I even had those experience with batch programming back then. Sahil Malik had enumerated a number of commands he usually use in his post, and the new things I wasn’t...