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Sql Server Enterprise Manager context menu
Published 03-16-2006 4:37 PM | jokiz
sql server and iis both uses mmc so they both are grouped together in windows xp. my question is why did ms designed the mmc such that the help menu is below the close context menu (which should have been the bottom menu as far as most windowed program...
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TDS Protocol
Published 02-26-2006 2:24 AM | jokiz
For most of you who have been using stored procedures and following the MS guidelines in .NET Application Development, you must have been using SET NOCOUNT ON as stated in Chapter 12 of the Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability . Although...
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Published 02-14-2006 3:24 AM | jokiz
i just got back from an interview with another local company after being invited by their CEO to explore my opportunities with them. it was unexpected that i scheduled for an interview today and you can find the reason on my personal blog (if you have...
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VS 2005 and SQL 2005 Standard Editions
Published 01-26-2006 7:24 AM | jokiz
I just got my copies. Thanks keith!
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dropping all users before restoring a database
Published 01-11-2006 3:44 PM | jokiz
during development, i always make use of backup-restore of test data and restoring a database requires that there is no other active connection to it. i have these three ways to deal with it. 1. use sp_who2 to determine the spid (what is spid again?)...
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searching for columns with a specific data type
Published 12-08-2005 12:12 PM | jokiz
i got tired of dealing with the text data type column used by the dba for optional fields in our DB like remarks and description. i keep getting errors in concatenation and specifically for union queries involving a field with the said data type since...
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ANSI_NULLS OFF inconsistencies
Published 11-20-2005 5:09 PM | jokiz
Basically I have this nullable column which I wanted to filter my resultset from. Let's take the authors table of the pubs database as an example. SELECT * FROM authors where au_fname = ISNULL(@firstname, au_fname) Seeing the query this way, I thought...
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Datatype Precedence in SQL Server
Published 11-08-2005 10:37 PM | jokiz
Wasn't really familiar with this feature of SQL Server until today. I have a 4-character field (BidTypeID) in SQL server which actually contains integers (pardon the design issues here people) which i have configured as flaggable enumerations in C#. My...
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sql profiler filter by workstation
Published 09-12-2005 10:55 AM | jokiz
i have been using profiler to easily monitor the commands being issued to our development database server. i haven't really read anything about it (aside from the autoscroll button post of the sql godess). i wanted to just filter commands being issued...
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C style comments and keyword GO in T-SQL
Published 06-30-2005 6:57 PM | jokiz
I've just encountered a weird error caused by a GO keyword lost inside a commented block using C style comment (/* */). My hunch is that the GO keyword (which is normally on a separate line) is treated differently by T-SQL parser. I will research on this...
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Stored Procedure Versioning
Published 06-18-2005 3:48 PM | jokiz
I have been wanting to put stored procedures in our current project under source control. Although changes to SPs will be minimal, we all know what we can get when we keep history of parts of our code and the ease of comparing them side by side. Searching...
SQL BOL(Books Online) Update
Published 06-17-2005 9:22 AM | jokiz
I have just updated my SQL 2000 BOL for the first time and so far, I have noticed the annotations which are majority perf issues (my major concern in programming). You might just want to update yours as well...
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Published 06-16-2005 6:44 PM | jokiz
Knowing the scenarios involved with the different Isolation Levels for SQL Server, I was surprised to find out a number of stored procedures being used in a project I'm involved with, has retrieval operations with a NOLOCK switch. I was searching for...
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Default JOIN type
Published 06-16-2005 10:50 AM | jokiz
Just bumped into a stored procedure made by a teammate using just a JOIN operator on two tables: FROM authors JOIN titleauthors ON ... Confused me a bit until I asked her what it does and she told me that it defaults to an INNER JOIN operation. As usual...
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Disabling AutoScroll for SQL Profiler
Published 06-09-2005 7:04 PM | jokiz
The SQL Profiler is one of the tools that I used in monitoring an SQL Server. The problem I have before was since I always watch the central database during development, I just want to watch a specific block of execution so I use the Pause or Stop buttons...
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