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Web application projects and build server issues
Published 07-20-2007 10:52 AM | jokiz
Normally, you don't have Visual Studio installed in build servers. Unless you're using the setup and deployment package which can only be compiled by the IDE executable devenv.exe, that's the time that you install VS. As such, you only have...
log4net is not logging!
Published 07-05-2007 3:32 PM | jokiz
I have been using log4net for a year and a half now and there are scenarios where I'm expecting it to log some data only to find out that it's not logging. I know two possible reasons of log4net not logging: 1. It is not yet configured to log...
A data item was not found in the container. The container must either implement IDataItemContainer, or have a property named DataItem.
Published 07-04-2007 2:44 PM | jokiz
I'm working on a GridView and I'm databinding a List<BusinessObject> to it. All is well until I tweaked some code and suddenly, I got this System.Web.HttpException with message A data item was not found in the container. The container must...
ThreadAbortException and Response.Redirects
Published 07-26-2006 8:22 PM | jokiz
i was surprised to find out that I got a number of ThreadAbortException error logs on our application. turns out that everybody using Response.Redirect(string) overload is also experiencing it. Scott Hanselman experienced it here and there is a kb article...
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Basic Date Picker Control Update
Published 07-18-2006 11:53 AM | jokiz
We have decided to use the free BDPLite control as the date picker control for our small web application. The ease of use of the control and its simple style gave me the push to use it (and the prompt reply from its product manager for some concerns)...
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Storing business objects in ViewState
Published 06-23-2006 6:44 PM | jokiz
A very common exception when storing business objects in ViewState is an HttpException telling you : "The type [business object] must be marked as Serializable or have a TypeConverter other than ReferenceConverter to be put in viewstate." But you have...
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css with datagrid
Published 06-21-2006 11:10 AM | jokiz
i was having some problem yesterday on setting the border color of the datagrid. setting the BorderColor property of the datagrid will set the outer box border of the html table together with the borders of the table cells. since i will be using the same...
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George Shepherd's ASP.NET FAQ
Published 05-23-2006 5:45 PM | jokiz
george shepherd's windows forms FAQ ( ) is my primary resource on everything about windows forms. i was surprised this afternoon that he also has an version of the FAQ.
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BasicDatePicker Control
Published 05-18-2006 6:41 PM | jokiz
in my quest yesterday to find a free datepicker control for our application, i bumped into BasicDatePicker . they have this lite version of their control ( ) which is free. i immediately hook it up in our application...
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using free controls/components
Published 05-18-2006 1:16 PM | jokiz
i have been using a number of free controls for our current project simple because i don't have to redo what the gurus have done and i still haven't finished the server controls book. i have chosen scott mitchell's menu for our project...
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aspnet podcasts
Published 05-04-2006 9:45 PM | jokiz
i just found out today from dave burke of about aspnet podcast . i now have a number of choices in listening podcasts during my weekend travels to laguna.
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table format using repeater
Published 05-03-2006 8:16 PM | jokiz
i wanted to enclose my displayed data in an html table using a repeater control so i immediately followed the articles that i've read about repeater controls. i declare a table tag in the headertemplate and a table end tag in the footertemplate. <asp...
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Repeater and AlternatingItemTemplate
Published 04-26-2006 1:57 PM | jokiz
i lost a few minutes today trying to figure out databinding with a repeater control. to tell you the truth i have never used the said control in a project since i am a fan of the datagrid. i always have a notion that the repeater control is for the advanced...
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metabuilders' master pages
Published 04-24-2006 6:58 PM | jokiz
i am currently designing the pages for our web application (.NET 1.1). this is the first time that i will be designing it and i am very eager to use metabuilder's master pages. the first time i saw it in use is with community server 1.1. if you have seen...
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Miguel Castro @ dnrtv
Published 03-30-2006 9:30 PM | jokiz
i just saw the first episode of DNRTV (dotnetrocks tv) about webcontrols. fantastic pioneer episode and excellent presentation by Miguel Castro. i noticed though that the pro developers have been using third party refactoring tools eventhough they are...
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