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Misconception on the efficient for loop
Published 04-29-2006 12:21 PM | jokiz
I have posted an entry on my blog on how to have an efficient for loops by storing the length before the loop rather than having indirections on the bound checks (which are always executed in the c world). I just read Brad Adams post which confirms that...
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ISerializable and DataSet
Published 04-27-2006 10:14 PM | jokiz
my boss got this problem about serializing a dataset subclass. here is the scenario: he has a dataset subclass with an added int property. after a serialization, the said property is not set on the other end but he is sure it was set before it passed...
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yahoo mail beta
Published 04-27-2006 9:22 PM | jokiz
you might want to try the beta... ajax still ruling the public email world... log in to Yahoo Mail click Options select Account information from the left panel go to Member Information, General Preferences, Preferred Content select, for example, Yahoo...
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outlook tips
Published 04-27-2006 9:20 AM | jokiz
i was curious on what the key icon on some of outlook events are after a series of synchronizations with my phone only to find out that it means "private" from this website . i will plan to read these sites if i have time beside having this ms press book...
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Repeater and AlternatingItemTemplate
Published 04-26-2006 1:57 PM | jokiz
i lost a few minutes today trying to figure out databinding with a repeater control. to tell you the truth i have never used the said control in a project since i am a fan of the datagrid. i always have a notion that the repeater control is for the advanced...
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technical blog as resume
Published 04-25-2006 8:01 PM | jokiz
i just read a post by jon galloway . i was struck with the idea of just sending a technical blog link to the employers. i myself got two job offers (one from my current company) as a result of my technical blog but i haven't included it as part of my...
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putfile wtf
Published 04-25-2006 7:59 PM | jokiz
i was uploading a file for a friend in www.putfile.com when i got this error message: "Error: Due to persistent abuse we regret we are no longer accepting uploads from your region at this time." wtf!
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metabuilders' master pages
Published 04-24-2006 6:58 PM | jokiz
i am currently designing the pages for our web application (.NET 1.1). this is the first time that i will be designing it and i am very eager to use metabuilder's master pages. the first time i saw it in use is with community server 1.1. if you have seen...
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msdn blog revival
Published 04-20-2006 10:06 PM | jokiz
i was surprised to see Shawn Burke , who is a guru in windows forms designers and code generation to do a webcast in Atlas projects from an email i got from MSDN connection. i immediately googled his blog which i stopped tracking and i was surprised that...
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WinForms 2.0 book almost done
Published 04-20-2006 9:42 PM | jokiz
i've just read that Chris Sells and Michael Weinhardt's Windows Forms 2.0 Programming is almost done. even though i don't have the first edition of the book, the free chapter on design-time integration and majority of his articles had helped me a lot...
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connection pooling
Published 04-20-2006 9:13 PM | jokiz
i've been seeing a number of posts lately about ado.net connection pooling in msforums and i noticed that some are rather confused about how they work. i myself was also confused year ago about the concept until i read more about it and examined the ado...
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datasets vs business objects
Published 04-20-2006 9:09 PM | jokiz
i came across a discussion just this afternoon which leads to this good old issue. my take, just like every other guru out there would say, it's a balance and never one over the other. there are scenarios where it is suitable to use datasets, there are...
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msdn online library search not working
Published 04-18-2006 4:48 PM | jokiz
i always use online msdn for searching anything about the .NET documentation. i was surprised today to find out that they have revamped it and it now integrates with the library, forums, msdn blogs and codezone. most importantly, the msdn library search...
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String Property construct
Published 04-18-2006 12:25 PM | jokiz
anybody who is also using this construct for string properties? we rarely want our string properties to be null and since it is a reference type, we have to have handling for it. can you see any disadvantage of such construct? [code language="C#"] public...
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1000 post mark in msforums
Published 04-12-2006 1:35 PM | jokiz
i am just a number of posts away from my 1000 post mark in the Microsoft Philippines Community Forums after 20 months. i was involved with the windows forms forums and usenet back then, when an ex-officemate/friend ( dotnetprogram ) introduced me to this...
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