Disabling Internet Options in IE

Published 08-13-2005 11:11 AM | jokiz
My friend owns this shop in Laguna whom I am trying to help to configure his workstations.  Currently, all the users are using the Administrator account (yeah I know...) so there are spywares and viruses everywhere.  Luckily, he hasn't experienced a major problem with his pc's.
Although I am a developer, when it comes to operating systems, and MS office products, I only have an above average knowledge.  There are a number of secure shops around and one thing I have noticed with them is some features are disabled.  Accessing the root directory of the workstations and disabled Internet Options menu of IE are some of these.
I wanted to know how to disable "Internet Options" since some workstations has enabled downloading of unsigned activex controls.  I luckily found a post in the newsgroups here, which I have tried and it worked.  Great!  Next up, I need to be familiar with these group policies of windows.  Any good book that you recommend?
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