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Poor Gwen
Published 04-29-2005 5:09 PM | jokiz
Today's WTF made me laugh as hell, poor Gwen...
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New trend on reference links
Published 04-29-2005 12:19 PM | jokiz
I have posted my #1 reference ( www.answers.com ) and I love the way one can efficiently search using it by just appending the word in its URL. If you want to search for “jokiz”, you just have to type in www.answers.com/jokiz MSDN2 will have this same...
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The (-) operator
Published 04-28-2005 6:32 PM | jokiz
I used to multiply a numeric number to -1 just to get its additive inverse (negative value for positive numbers) and I found out that the (-) operator does it implicitly. int value = 10 int negativeValue = value * -1 int negativeValueAlso = -value
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Visual Studio Tip #4 - Debugging expressions by highlighting
Published 04-28-2005 6:30 PM | jokiz
When you just want to watch for the result of a particular operation, like (this.Right - this.Left)/2 you don't need to copy and paste it in the Immediate Window or launch QuickWatch with the expression selected. You just have to select the said expression...
Internet Explorer Tip
Published 04-28-2005 6:26 PM | jokiz
I just found this out today from an officemate. If ever you want to access www.yahoo.com from the Address Bar of IE, you just have to type in "yahoo" then press CTRL+ENTER (autocomplete).
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Designing .NET Class Libraries Series
Published 04-25-2005 6:30 PM | jokiz
I've seen a part of this (Brad Adams presentation on Naming) perhaps a month ago, I just discovered that it is a part of a good set of webcasts worth seeing. Can't wait to see Brian Pepin's presentation (design time guru). http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework...
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Published 04-22-2005 6:05 PM | jokiz
I previously have this folder of references on my bookmarks section for www.m-w.com (dictionary), wikipedia, etc. Now I have them all in one with www.answers.com
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Code Complete 1st edition
Published 04-21-2005 6:18 PM | jokiz
I was reading Steve McConnell's first edition of Code Complete and the book is highly recommended. Although the sample uses old languages like pascal and c, and some topics does not apply to current programming languages, I love the way he presents his...
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RSS Feeds for Inq7.net
Published 04-16-2005 3:13 PM | jokiz
I was wondering if Inquirer supports RSS Feeds so I can just browse them using RssBandit. I emailed them and found out that they are currently testing RSS Support. These are the feeds that the guy from Inquirer gave me. http://ruby.inq7.net/rss/rss_metro...
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Strongly-typed Collection’s Add and AddRange methods
Published 04-14-2005 3:41 PM | jokiz
The CollectionCodeDomSerializer uses reflection to serialize a serializeable collection properties to locate methodinfo with “Add” and “AddRange” as names. We have a coding convention here to use prefix to clearly distinguish methods from properties,...
WinFX MSDN Documentation
Published 04-13-2005 7:17 PM | jokiz
I was googling some time this week for a particular .NET class and I bumped into http://winfx.msdn.microsoft.com/library/ . I wonder why it is better than the beta 2 docs .
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Overriding ControlDesigner.SelectionRules
Published 04-11-2005 7:23 PM | jokiz
The virtual readonly SelectionRules property of the ControlDesigner class is necessary if you want to fiddle with the selection grabs of your control at designtime (if you want to make your control not re-sizable vertically like the Windows Forms TextBox...
RssBandit version
Published 04-11-2005 12:57 PM | jokiz
I use RssBandit as my RSS Reader and recently, I upgraded to their newest version ( I haven't explored the new features but the thing I loved most is its support for Atom feeds. I use it to keep track of the blogs I follow, news and some comics...
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MSN Spaces Beta is over
Published 04-08-2005 12:53 PM | jokiz
MSN Spaces went final yesterday. One thing I would like it to have though is its support for custom layout for attached pics for blog entries (perhaps it is possible yet I don't know how to do it). Surprised to find out that Yahoo has its equivalent ...
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Published 04-08-2005 12:30 PM | jokiz
John Papa blogs about the new merge feature between two datatables in v2.0. In v1.1, you have to create a dummy dataset as datatable holder since the method is defined only on the dataset class. A very useful feature IMO. http://www.codebetter.com/blogs...
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