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Visual Studio Tip #1 - Break into Debugger when Exception is thrown
Published 02-24-2005 6:22 PM | jokiz
The Visual Studio Debugger is one of the developer’s closest friend but befriending VS takes a lot of effort especially if you are just new in using it. I myself took time before I can fully exploit the VS debugging features and I want to share them to...
Design-able Abstract Base Forms in Whidbey
Published 02-24-2005 6:18 PM | jokiz
I have blogged about the Windows Forms designer behavior with abstract base forms here . Brian Pepin has an update on how Whidbey can support design-able abstract classes through the new TypeDescriptionProvider class. He also points out an important example...
Windows shortcuts, run commands and more
Published 02-23-2005 12:42 PM | jokiz
I finally found the shortcut list for a number of MS Windows commands. For the complete listing, visit this link . This can be handy for some: Run Commands compmgmt.msc Computer management devmgmt.msc Device manager diskmgmt.msc Disk management dfrg.msc...
Setting the Default Size for Custom Controls
Published 02-21-2005 6:35 PM | jokiz
The ideal way to set the default size for your custom controls is to override the readonly DefaultSize property of the Control class and not set it in your derived control’s constructor. The said method is queried once the control is properly instantiated...
Rethrowing exceptions, the right way
Published 02-21-2005 3:04 PM | jokiz
I have read the Exception Handling Best Practices article in .NET in CodeProject and all this time I thought that rethrowing exceptions is this way: [code language="C#"] try { // Some code that throws an exception } catch (Exception ex) { // some code...
Trust Boundaries
Published 02-18-2005 6:04 PM | jokiz
I have read Frans Bouma’s SOA article and this struck me most: An application is hereby defined as a set of code, objects, components, services, layers or tiers that exist within a trust boundary. They trust each other, and have no need to replicate business...
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ToolBar.DropDownArrows property is flawed
Published 02-17-2005 6:22 PM | jokiz
An officemate of mine could not disable the DropDownArrows for the DropDownButton style ToolBarButton. After trying it out and using Reflector, I found out that the default value for the DropDownArrows property of the .NET ToolBar is not properly configured...
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Command-line power
Published 02-11-2005 6:26 PM | jokiz
I am one of those command line junkie since I grew with MS-DOS 6.20 and Windows 3.1. I even had those experience with batch programming back then. Sahil Malik had enumerated a number of commands he usually use in his post, and the new things I wasn’t...
My forums and newsgroups
Published 02-11-2005 6:04 PM | jokiz
Finally, my posts in the Windows Forms forums are now unmoderated after 70+ posts. I even have the opportunity to edit my posts thanks to the moderators. Response time for the said forum is pretty slow because of the moderated messages and it usually...
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Real life application of Bisection Method algorithm
Published 02-08-2005 12:52 PM | jokiz
I’ve seen an officemate of mine this morning browsing the history log of a code sheet (VSS) to know when was a particular line added and who did it. What striked me was the way he opened each entry of the history database from oldest to the latest. I...
Bypassing CAPTCHA
Published 02-07-2005 6:34 PM | jokiz
CAPTCHA(Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human. You can see them when signing up a free web-based email and it is...
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Anchoring bug with Inheritance
Published 02-04-2005 2:40 PM | jokiz
In relation to my previous post on Anchoring bugs, here is a follow up. Most developer uses visual inheritance in their projects They have usually have their baseform with a number of controls in it. Some of the said controls, you want them to be readonly...
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Windows Forms source code and debug symbols to become available
Published 02-04-2005 2:01 PM | jokiz
Shawn Burke blogs about shipping WinForms source code with debug symbols. This will be very helpful especially debugging through the WinForm framework. http://www.shawnburke.com/default.aspx?document=185
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Undo feature bug of VS2003
Published 02-03-2005 9:11 AM | jokiz
Create a form with anchored controls. (Not just the default Top | Left) Resize the form Hit Undo (Ctrl-Z), voila! The Undo feature at design time is handled by the Windows Forms Designer and the said functionality is one of the complex implementations...