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Strong-named Assemblies with Intellisense
Published 01-21-2005 6:26 PM | jokiz
Everytime I need to test a certain logic involving a datatable object, I always ended up searching for my last test project that involves population of a datatable object from the AUTHORS table of the PUBS database. If I find it, lucky me, otherwise I...
Some Visual Studio 2003 Weird Behaviors and my workarounds
Published 01-20-2005 4:20 PM | jokiz
Some/All of the buttons (Show All, Design View, Code View, Refresh) in the Solution Explorer Window is not visible. I just temporarily click an object outside the current project then click back to the said object. A component with design view (control...
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InitializeComponent, Abstract Base Forms and Visual Studio Design Behavior
Published 01-20-2005 10:59 AM | jokiz
It is interesting to know how the Designers works in Visual Studio when one is designing a component, control or form (controls and forms by the way are special kind of components with visual representation at the document surface). Knowing such kind...
The secret world of nonprinting characters
Published 01-18-2005 7:23 PM | jokiz
Have you experienced the following using MS Word? your pages are not breaking as you like your printer is adding a blank page at the end of your document an automatic number insists on being bold even though you have applied bold formatting to only a...
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DesignerHost and Designer Services reference retrieval
Published 01-18-2005 12:20 AM | jokiz
There are a number of sample codes for designer classes of custom controls. Some are storing internal references to the services (IComponentChangeService, ISelectionChangeService, etc.) and the designerhost, some are getting them when needed. The second...
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Assignment in a WHILE condition
Published 01-17-2005 5:34 PM | jokiz
Before, I used to think that in C, the assignment operator always evaluate to true. It is because of this context: [code language="C#"] while (intLeft == intRight) { //do whatever } [/code] If you mistyped the comparison operator (==) as a single equal...
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Rounding off numbers
Published 01-14-2005 5:02 PM | jokiz
Back in grade school (Third Grade if I can remember it correctly), rounding off a number which is exactly in between (halfway) follows the “nearest even rule”. Rounding off 0.5 and 1.5 to their nearest units digit gives: 2.5 -> 2 3.5 -> 4 After...
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First post
Published 01-13-2005 8:15 PM | jokiz
Welcome to my blog @ community.devpinoy.org. Thanks a lot keith for this space. Please feel free to drop some comments... Enjoy reading!
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