tricky ternary operators
Published 12-06-2008 5:19 PM | jokiz
i has been one year since I haven't been posting in this blog, hmmm. wow, time is really that fast. one year and I haven't done much actually, just work and DOTA. Not at all productive and pretty much lagging with the current technologies out...
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bcp and errorlevel checks
Published 12-17-2007 11:54 PM | jokiz
we have a number of batch scripts at work which executes sql-related tasks for each of our project releases. last time, i incorporated errorlevel checks so we know if there was a problem with the execution and in order to abort the rest of the operations...
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C# Trivia #6
Published 12-06-2007 1:43 PM | jokiz
As I've mention in this post, I'll be continuing the trivia series here in my blog. I've encountered a good one from internal chat yesterday, here it is: will this compile? [ Test ] public void IntTests () { int i = 1; if ( i != null ) { Debug...
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my first pocket pc
Published 12-01-2007 12:31 PM | jokiz
i purchased my very first pocket pc last week and i have'nt really used it extensively. except for calendar and the gps software bundled which has been very useful travelling in this new country. i'm thinking of installing an rss reader so i can...
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windows xp search containing text problems
Published 10-29-2007 12:07 AM | jokiz
i've been told by one of my officemates that the windows xp search containing text does not work with all file types. of course mr. skeptical always verify it and was surprised that indeed it does not work for all file types, even with C# cs files...
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winword repaginating issue
Published 10-15-2007 2:13 PM | jokiz
we have a document that keeps on repaginating eveytime i open it in winword. i found a post in usenet that you just have to save it as a webpage (html) then resave it as word document and it did solve the problem. just sharing!
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deltree = rd /s
Published 10-11-2007 11:48 AM | jokiz
for years i thought deltree (deletes a folder and all the files in it) was removed from the DOS days. before it was not included in the default command set but available as a separated executable. i just stumbled in one of our post build events which...
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Debugging stored procedures on SQL Server 2005
Published 09-26-2007 12:41 PM | jokiz
My current task in our project is majorly in MSSQL. I wanted to debug a chain of stored procedures and I have just found out that MS has removed debugging tools out of SQL Server 2005 client tools and relied more on visual studio's. I have experienced...
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SQL Implicit Commands
Published 09-11-2007 5:48 PM | jokiz
Not being an SQL guy, i'm really not used to implicit commands from T-SQL. By implicit, I mean those simplified commands which does the same thing as those documented in every SQL books. I first encountered a query below from a teammate: FROM Table1...
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VSS to Subversion to Clearcase
Published 08-31-2007 2:40 PM | jokiz
follow up to my post about visual source safe and subversion (which has a good google page rank), now i'm exploring rational clearcase. we are using clearcase at work and i can see a very close similarities with visual source safe. although the previous...
Tracking active item in Solution Explorer
Published 08-29-2007 3:28 PM | jokiz
I find it hard when the currently active code sheet or item is not highlighted in solution explorer and there were times when i couldn't easily see where the option is so this is for my future reference. VS 2003: Tools->Options->Environment...
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welcome to singapore!
Published 08-18-2007 6:10 PM | jokiz
I arrived this noon, new job to start this Monday. I hope this will be interesting.
C# Trivia Question Series
Published 08-02-2007 11:16 PM | jokiz
Some of you know about the C# trivia series that I started in MSForum's C# section . Good thing some of these posts were revived since they were missing months ago. Here are the links: Trivia #1 - Arraylist's initial size Trivia #2 - String concatenations...
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we're moving backwards
Published 07-20-2007 11:49 AM | jokiz
This is technically another rant (long overdue), sorry to the guys involved. 1. From test-driven development to deadline-driven development We are practicing test-driven development and continuous integration (okay, just some!). I saw the following code...
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Web application projects and build server issues
Published 07-20-2007 10:52 AM | jokiz
Normally, you don't have Visual Studio installed in build servers. Unless you're using the setup and deployment package which can only be compiled by the IDE executable devenv.exe, that's the time that you install VS. As such, you only have...
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