A Filipino Developers Community
Finally, We are online!


After several weeks of planning I could say that we finally got our goal to come true.. A dream of builing a Filipino developers website where people from different programming language and platform can join hands and build a community.

This started as a vision... and now it's a reality that is continually unfolding.

I'd like to thank the guys from for helping in building the concept that sprout this website. I would also like to thank the developer organizations who helped in spreading the word about this community MSDN.Ph (a Microsoft Community) and  PinoyJug (a Java Developers Community). Without this guys alot of people will never have the chance to hear about this community. Thanks guys! I owe you one!

And to all individuals whom I have not mention I give you my whole-hearted appreciation! Thanks and MABUHAY ANG MGA FILIPINO DEVELOPERS!

Posted 08-10-2005 4:12 AM by keithrull
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